Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Casper unveiled Android-management application label printers TSC - CNews.ru

Company TSC Auto ID Technology, Taiwan Auto ID solutions provider for the transport sector, logistics, healthcare, and retail industries, has introduced a new application of Casper GmbH, designed for flexible management of the universal thermal label printer TSC Auto ID directly from smartphones and tablets. Novelty is compatible with all devices Android.

As you know, every day is activated about 1.3 million new Android-devices, and the number issued to them applications up to 750 thousand “In the small and medium-sized businesses, as well as in certain sectors, such as the delivery of parcels, it makes sense to equip staff Smartphones Android, which offer quick access to the installed printers – says Sven Kasper (Sven Casper) of system integrators of Casper GmbH. – With the principle of the use of mobile phones is familiar to all, so the company will not be difficult to establish a secure seal of quality, well-read labels with the ability to track the chain of processes ».

Thus, according to representatives of TSC Auto ID Technology, there is an urgent need for programs that can competently manage the tasks of professional printing. Through a set of development tools company TSC provides partners involved in the creation of programs such additional features that simplify the interaction of mobile devices and printers TSC.

As noted, the application of the company’s Casper takes the first step to finding printers within the network and determine their current status. Assessing the configuration of the print medium, the program sends files and detailed commands to the selected device, restarting it in case of failures.

Until recently supported only a wired network connection. However, in February 2013 TSC Auto ID introduced a new Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Connect them to the RS232, you can easily upgrade all desktop and industrial printers from the differentiated line of the Taiwanese manufacturer, the company said. Appropriate setting utility will quickly TSC Diagnostic Tool.

«Once TSC modules will be available, we integrate support for Bluetooth», – promised Sven Kasper.

its part Thomas Rozenhammer (Thomas Rosenhammer), sales manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the division TSC Auto ID Technology EMEA GmbH, added: “There are other, completely new applications, as replace the keyboard panel will come tablets. Individual working solution KP-200 Plus with a large display and keyboard, as well as customizable KU-007 Plus is quite nice and comfortable, but the plates allow, for example, use a special print masks adapted to the labels, and selection fields ».

According to TSC Auto ID, Casper the interaction between the application and mobile printers should appeal to almost all sectors and businesses of any size, as they greatly increase the bond flexibility of printing.

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