Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Google «slapped" users to Android, releasing the app Now for iOS - RT on Russian

Google Now was first made available on the devices and Apple. The program informs about the weather, traffic, and provides other relevant information without having to enter a search query. These occur when an application is upgraded “Search in Google»

Google Now is a personal search engine with voice control. The application provides information to reflect the user’s location, its personal information from your calendar, browsing history, search queries, and so on. According to the developers, the program gives the most optimal variant for each search result.

Previously the application was available only in the Android system at least version 4.1, which is installed in a minority of users – about 150 million people. It is about a quarter of all admirers OS from Google. It is obvious that the appearance of the program in the “apple” is designed to store AppStore at times to increase the potential audience. Download Google Now can anyone with devices from Apple c OS version 5.0 and above. It is installed on the vast majority of gadgets (about 90%) with an operating system iOS. Western publications have called this action “slap in the face to users Android».

first Russian users have already appreciated the application (author’s spelling retained):

«Do not disable geolocation when you exit the application, you must modify the” – writes iAlex_kh

«Constantly active geolokatsyya quickly plants a battery! And in general, the application classy! It’s not Siri understands but for Russian! “- Says SyaBa2009

«Hurray! Finally Nau on an iPhone! But do not turn off the satellite antenna that will drain the battery much faster … I hope that will correct “- says user Gua Ji

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