Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New watch Sony SmartWatch get Android, NFC and other improvements - 3DNews

publication CNET reports that the rumors of a new, already the third generation of watches from Sony and the second in a series of SmartWatch, authentic, and their announcement will follow soon: trade show, Mobile Asia Expo 2013, which will be held June 26-28.

current model Sony SmartWatch MN2SW was launched in July last year and now sells for about $ 100. Hours are greatly limited in functionality extra screen, allowing in some cases, do not take a smartphone in hand. In September, the apparatus has been tested in our lab.

also presents some of the specific changes that will be made in the new version of the SmartWatch. Watch get a larger screen and improved protection against water and dust, will be equipped with a capacitive touch screen, run on Android. At the bottom of the main screen will accommodate three icons on the example of the interface of smartphones Xperia. Moreover, the device will get useful functionality such as NFC for easy pairing with a smartphone and making mobile payments. Communication will continue to be established by Bluetooth.

It must be assumed that the functionality of Sony SmartWatch significantly expanded into an appendage of hours in a full-fledged smartphone device.

an interesting example of this kind of gadgets is a project from the company Smile SmartWatch Emopulse. While the benefits of a smartphone, executed in the form of a bracelet, not obvious, in contrast to the disadvantages.

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