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Tools month. Review of Android-application of June - BBC News

Among the virtual store shelves Google Play is easy to get lost easily dial unnecessary and not find the application, which will make your life a little bit better or more interesting. Vesti.Haytek will help you not to miss the most interesting new (or updated) software for Android, which appeared in June. In today’s review – the invasion of mobile video, browser innovation, merging with Yandex.Disk Dropbox, and more.

Vine for Android and video Instagram

In June, users of Android-smartphone received at least two new features at a record pace to spend all their monthly mobile traffic to videos of dubious artistic value. First, there was the official Android client application service Vine. Recall that the service belongs to Twitter and is designed for uploading short clips of up to six seconds.

Vine for Android first appeared in several kutsem form, stripped down compared to iOS functionality – apparently, the developers strongly hurry. Then, in apdeyte 1.1, eliminated the backlog – poyaailas and support the search for hashtags and user will, the ability to send video to Facebook. In addition, the settings have the opportunity to clear application cache, which is in active use could take tens of megabytes.

Second, a similar functionality Vine has got the app Instagram. There videos can be up to 15 seconds, they can be applied filters. In addition, if at the time of shooting something failed, will not have to retake the entire clip again – we can restrict the removal of the last passage.

But the most important feature in Instagram 4.0 is hidden in the settings. This is a check mark, breaking the automatic playback of the video. Thanks to her while watching the tape from your smart phone will not be heard unpredictable sounds, will not spend extra traffic (video full length weighs 6.8 MB to 0.8-1 at Vine), and the application will run faster.

Download Google Play: Vine (free), Instagram (free).

Yandeks.Brauzer and updated Dolphin

June was the only month not short mobile videos, but also a month of mobile browsers. First, a mobile version of its browser released “Yandex”. The program is tuned for fast retrieval of information (of course, using the search engine of the same name), bypassing the traditional list of links, the browser will immediately load the site, which, in his opinion, the user is searching for. For example, if you type in a search term “lead tech” should boot it directly our site.

Similarly mobile “Yandeks.Brauzer” behaves when a user searches for any popular video, news, or, say, the request coincides with an article in “Wikipedia”. On request of a restaurant or a movie theater browser immediately displays them on a map.

browser interface is optimized for easy use on mobile devices. The search string is placed at the bottom – where it is most convenient to reach out with your finger. The most frequently visited sites are fixed on the start screen, “Scoreboard.” If desired, the addresses you there can be added manually.

Speed ??up the loading of data into the “Yandeks.Brauzere” mobile mode called “Turbo”. Similar technology has long been used in the browser Opera – sites, including images, are compressed on a staging server, resulting in the amount sent to the tablet or smartphone user data is significantly reduced. This will be especially true when a slow connection.

Unfortunately, the program is available so far only for smartphones, a version for Android-based tablet is still in development.

Second, in June upgraded one of the best third-party browsers for the mobile platform Google, Dolphin. The program has received a fresh, clean and modern interface and several new skills. According to swipe from the edge of the screen is now available bookmarks menu (left) and menu additions (right). It can also include a full-screen display of the tabs.

In the lower left corner of the settled semi-transparent icon, when clicked, which provides three functions – a list of open tabs, input gestures (or voice search Sonar, preference is set) and the context menu.

Upsets in the new version of Dolphin is not fully implemented localization – some interface elements have been translated into Russian, but some – not. Let us hope that these will soon be corrected roughness.

Here visitors can read our review of the best browsers for Android. Opera since its publication has had time to get serious upgrade, review the latest version here.

Download Google Play: Dolphin (free), Yandeks.Brauzer (free)

“Manager clouds” CloudCube

If you have the cash in various currencies, no one bothers you put them in a purse. But with the “cloud” service for storing data is not such a simple way – to use Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or SkyDrive Yandex.Disk want to install all five client applications. Or use an application like CloudCube, which can simultaneously work together for all five services.

application can synchronize files between your smartphone and the “cloud”, including automatically. Automatic synchronization allows, for example, to constantly have on the smartphone-to-date copy of the files or folders from your computer. And can be pumped into the “cloud” of data from the device is not on the same file, and entire folders.

CloudCube also allows you to view not only the services individually, but all of the available “cloud” space together, presenting it as a single “virtual disk”. All actions in the program are immediately placed in a common queue. Even if you are currently connected to a network, the program will remember all of the required operations and execute them when it becomes available. The queue can be edited if desired, removing or suspending action.

There are also disadvantages – interface is ugly, the creators clearly ignored the recommendations of Google in design applications. Back in CloudCube obviously do not have a small training guide with pictures on the first run, which now sell most self-respecting developer. Application settings are extensive, rather complicated, but in the Russian translation is also not always clear, so deal with CloudCube “in a hurry” for a couple of minutes will not work.

So I include in this review of the program in advance – the functionality and promising idea, Yandex.Disk pleased with the support, but the work’s creators have no end. They themselves note in the description that this is still a beta version, and are asked to help practical advice. Unfortunately, TABLET PC program does not work.

Download Google Play: CloudCube (free)

Analyzer “iron” CPU-Z

Different benchmarks and programs to identify the electronic filling of smartphones with Android on Google Play weight. Now, on the mobile platform Google appeared tool for many years allows to determine the type and condition of the “hardware” Windows-users computers – CPU-Z.

program, as well as on Windows, in a good minimalist, with very convenient – between tabs with different information, you can swipe to move. The very same system information here wagon and it is updated in real time. That is in addition to information about the processor model is reported and the current frequency of each core, the amount of available memory, and even data from all sensors are present in the device. On a separate tab is present detailed information about the battery.

All this can somehow or other programs, but I personally honored brand of CPU-Z on a new platform slightly warmed the soul. Especially because it’s probably just the beginning and we can expect from the developers of new geek tools for Android.

Download Google Play: CPU-Z (free)

New Google: Gmail, virtual keyboard and printer

Google still can not release a new version of Android (at least 4.3, let alone 5.0), but that does not mean that the ecosystem is not developing. The company is increasingly improving their software without updating OSes, laying on Google Play update their applications or new functional utility.

In early June, updated regular mail client for Gmail on Android. In version 4.5 there was caused by a swipe from the left side of the menu screen folders, shortcuts and key operations with an open letter “moved” to the top of the display. In addition, it is possible to quickly update the mailbox, pulling down the list of letters.

But many users have criticized the update – the fact that the default missing button to remove a message, it can only have been archived. In Google took note of the criticism, and pop-June 28 apdeyte button in the form of trash back to its rightful place. In general, the new version of Gmail has become much easier and more progressive.

Another element “guglomozaiki” was released in June as a separate application in Google Play “Keyboard Google”. The application is addressed to those who do not like their full-time keyboard smartphone from Samsung, HTC, LG and other manufacturers. Development of Google can do everything that a modern system should be able to enter for Android, in particular, supports the entry of the job screen, voice input, auto-completion of the current words and clues to the next. Unfortunately, this app does not mastered the Russian language and the store Google Play for rosiyskih users available.

But you can download another utility from Google – “virtual printer”. It allows you to print documents from any of Android-smartphone to print on a printer that has been previously configured for a service Google Cloud Print. From the “virtual printer”, you can send a job to print, and track the status of print jobs. To learn how to configure your computer and printer for “cloud printing” can be read here.

C our review of the most notable applications Android-May can be found here. In general, about interesting new applications we write regularly check for updates to the site can Twitter, VKontakte, Facebook or Google+.

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