Friday, July 19, 2013

Android 4.3 is now available for owners of Google Nexus 4 - 3DNews

Google is planning to introduce Android 4.3 mobile operating system next week, but the owners of smartphones Nexus 4 can not wait for this event: the Network miraculously flowed appropriate firmware for this gadget, which can be downloaded and installed before it was removed.

firmware installed by any of the convenient ways, except that the “on air” as long as it is impossible to obtain in the absence of the official release. We draw your attention to the fact caught in Internet distribution is unlikely to be the final version, therefore, it may contain errors and bugs. Installing this software is made at your own risk, and the source that provided it for download, is not for the consequences of any liability.

A couple of weeks ago, we recall, Android 4.3 has hit the internet, but then it was a version, sharpened by the current flagship of the Korean Samsung Galaxy S4. Censures distribution caused relatively little, but it’s better to wait for the official release, especially since the wait-that is very long.

smartphone Google Nexus 4 is made by the company LG, is a classic candybar touchscreen with advanced by the time of release characteristics. The gadget was submitted on 29 October last year, and its sales have started after a further two weeks. To date, Google Nexus 4 is not available in all countries, but the demand is very high fixed. More recently, a version of the smartphone in a white casing, which received identical black model specifications.

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