Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chrome for Android learned to synchronize passwords - 3DNews

The developers of Google released a new beta version of the popular web browser Google Chrome for devices running the mobile operating system Android. It is reported that an updated browser was fixing some known bugs, as well as improved system management tabs.

Among other things, users are now available and some experimental features in the hidden menu chrome :/ / flags. In particular, you can get access to WebGL, to assess the performance of the browser and activate the password synchronization Sync keystore encryption.

Note that the new beta version of Chrome 25.0.1364.47 still has a lot of errors. For example, there are problems with the calibration of the text on some pages, sites, video playback to work correctly with the drivers Qualcomm, graphical glitches when opening a new tab, and so on. install applications on mobile devices, regardless of the stable version. Download the browser here.

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