Monday, July 22, 2013

Google: daily activated 1.5 million Android-devices - 3DNews

During the press conference, Google, devoted to summarizing the work in the second quarter, CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) reported a new record achievement – the number of daily activations of Android devices reached 1.5 million units. Total to date have activated more than 900 million Android-devices.

Google: daily activated 1.5 million Android-devices

«This is a very impressive since the first Android-powered device was activated only five years ago,” – said the record-breaking achievement platform Larry Page, whose company in the quarter had revenue of $ 14 billion

On the software side, it is reported, at the moment of the online store Google Play has been uploaded by users of Android-devices more than 50 billion apps.

is not the first time Larry Page repeats the phrase that consumers are moving in droves from laptops to mobile devices, which creates a huge opportunity for Google. Given the fact that Google plans to include mass production of a wearable computer Google Glass, «smart» hours of unmanned vehicles, the Android ecosystem in the near future to continue its rapid development.

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