Sunday, July 21, 2013

It was learned why Nokia abandoned Android - Chronicle of world events

It is known why Nokia abandoned Android Finally became famous answer to the question why the Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia has refused the development of smartphones running Android and prefer Windows Phone platform from Microsoft? The long-awaited answer to this question was given by the head of Nokia Stephen Elop. It turned out that the reasons for this move by the Finns had a few, and, as expected, all of them in one way or another related to finance.

Portal TechRadar, referring to what was said by Mr. Elop says that Nokia experts included the placing on the market a very strong leader with smartphones based on Android, but at the same time there was no certainty that they will be Nokia. That is exactly what happened as a significant part of the market captured with their devices company Samsung.

Nokia, which is before until recently was one of the leaders in the field of mobile communication due to its own operating system, Symbian, does not want to take a lower position in the ranking of manufacturers. The head of Nokia adds that now in the world of Android-devices there are a large number of high quality gadgets from known brands, as well as from smaller companies, but the entire market, and keep shared between the two companies – Samsung and HTC.

Given this, the Finnish manufacturer has decided not to get involved in the competition, knowing that the chances to get the winner in him not so much. Therefore, the management of the company decided to take a course in a completely different direction, and prefer developing platform Windows Phone. Along with the signing of an agreement with Microsoft Finns quickly set up the production of smart phones, and in this, however small area became a full-fledged leader. But really it is Nokia now holds a solid lead among smartphones running Windows Phone. Add that Microsoft promotes this differently, quickly releasing an update to its mobile operating system.

However, the same HTC is going to break into this sector of the market, and Nokia is doing everything not to yield to it. An example of this – the trial because the first WP8-piece modules from HTC allegedly copied the design with models of Nokia.

Today Finns continue to actively develop a line of smartphones Lumia. Confirmation of this fact was the announcement of a powerful camera phone 1020 41-megapixel camera. Among the segment of Android devices and do not close these gadgets. Even the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with a 16-megapixel sensor can not fight Lumia 1020.

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