Friday, July 19, 2013

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Author: Mikhail Karpov July 19, 2013


annoying abundance of advertising on the Internet – in the end, you look at it, and earn money on it more! But Locket application for Android allows you to correct this injustice: it shows on the screen is closed phone advertising, and money is received by the user.


on this matter can you earn? The really little, but still … For every ad you receive one cent, but he can not make more than three cents an hour. Thus, one day you can earn 72 cents (unless, of course, remain aware of the need to view banner ads). You can withdraw money when the user’s account balance accumulates more than ten dollars.

creators Locket also encourage luring in the network of other users for the registration of the new man, the one on the recommendation which it has been implemented, gets a dollar.

Ironically, advertising is not particularly spoil lokskrin, as Locket wrapped advertisers who have provided enough interesting banners. Maybe we should think about how to download this app – after all, if desired, a month is quite possible to earn their bills for mobile communications.

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