Monday, July 22, 2013

Messenger BBM for Android will be released in September - 3DNews

Canada’s BlackBerry, back in December of last year are called RIM, reported new details about the release of the BBM messenger in the version for the platform Google Android. The application will be available for download very soon – literally in the early fall of this year.

BBM Release is scheduled for September, representatives said BlackBerry. This means that those who have been waiting for this messenger, but did not want to move to a Canadian platform, finally waited.

Recall that BBM is currently working exclusively under the BlackBerry OS, and only recently became aware of the development of its versions for Google Android and Apple iOS. If android-modification has already found, though inaccurate, but still the release date, then to the port for iOS is still quite unclear. Well, about the Windows Phone and say nothing – BBM under it is not developed.

BlackBerry Messenger (which is how the abbreviation stands for BBM) uses Peer-to-Peer, but in conjunction with their proprietary algorithms. It is designed for the transmission of short text messages between smartphones, where the intermediaries are the mobile operator dedicated servers and BlackBerry. How will it be implemented on Android – time will tell.

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