Friday, November 15, 2013

99.9% of quarterly attacks on mobile platforms have focused on Android - bigmir) net

In the third quarter of 2013, 99.9% of all attacks on mobile platforms have focused on operating system Android, Kaspersky Lab read as data.

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Most malicious Android applications designed to steal money – expert / AP

Analysts note among the new threats Trojan Svpeng, which, unlike other malware of this type allows attackers to steal money from a bank account, infecting only one smartphone user.

requesting the balance at the mobile banking service and receive SMS-message offering top-up mobile phone malware transferred money from the bank account of the user to the mobile account intruders, bypassing traditional in such a bunch of smartphone theft – the computer.

In addition, experts say new tricks from the makers of mobile botnets – attackers were able to more efficiently manage the Trojans on infected smartphones, starting to use as a secondary command center service Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), which allows mobile devices to send small messages.

«The majority of malicious Android applications designed to steal money and only secondarily – to steal personal information. In this case, all the mechanisms of infection and spread of concealing activities rapidly migrate from the classic OS. Now hackers are doing everything to steal as much as possible, and, most of all, virus writers will continue to increase the number of botnets, increasing the rate of infection of Android-system “- shared his outlook Victor Chebyshev, anti-virus expert company.

emphasize that in just the third quarter of 2013 Kaspersky Lab products were zadetektirovano 500.2 million attacks, while 45.2% of web resources used to spread malicious programs were located in the United States and Russia.

victims of these web threats often become residents of the CIS countries: nine of these countries were in the top ten most “dangerous” regions, from this point of view.

Recall that in July of this year, Americans found a threat to a billion smartphones on Android.

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