Sunday, November 17, 2013

Android captures revenue from the tablet market - Computer Information Portal

Android operating system has recently attracted a sense of deja vu, repeating the path traversed in the smartphone market, already in the tablet market. Platform from Google, losing in the 2007 initiative iPhone, and then in 2010 the tablet iPad, after quite a short period of time catching up with the Apple platform for general supply devices, and then went around her, and then began to monetize impressive market. Analytical Agency Morgan Stanley and IDC reported that on the tablet market for Android has started to step monetization.

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In the third quarter of this year, the share of Android-plates in the global supply reached 66.7%, while a year earlier the rate was at around 58.5%, while iOS-plates, on the contrary, slipped to 40.2% to 29.7% . The increase in the proportion of the total supply allowed to increase revenue of the total market Android plates to 46.2%, whereas Apple presently holds 45.6%. The main drivers of growth were Asian Android vendors Samsung and Lenovo. And if the first are the leaders in the total number of deliveries (9.7 million), the latter have become leaders in annual growth, gaining 420.7% for the year to their deliveries. Thus, the tablet market continues to grow (36% per year), and the main growth lies just on Android-plates, which have virtually no competitors in the low-end segment, confident feel in the middle price range, and is constantly trying to force the fight Apple in the premium niche. Despite the fact that Apple has lost its leadership in terms of revenue, the ability to pick up almost half of the income from the entire market, while possessing only a quarter of the market share.

However, the data of Morgan Stanley and IDC are questioned, as both agencies are silent on how the company’s revenue was calculated in the direction of the plates, as many manufacturers including Samsung, did not provide information on the supply of their tablets, and the average selling price, so the verifiability of information analysts a big question, and you have to trust their word. In addition, both agencies will specify that the third quarter is usually the weakest for the iPad, as the consumer expects a wave of new devices and reduce the price of the old, so during the holiday season as Apple can fix the numbers of deliveries and total revenue. However, they note that the success of Android in the third quarter was the first alarm bell on the door of Apple, and at a far distance from the Google platform is quite able to finally get around iOS, as happened in the smartphone market. But in any case should not be discounted Microsoft, promotes the idea of ??Windows on the tablet, and Samsung, which is in the final stages of the development of Tizen, may well cause a severe blow to the ecosystem of Android, going to a new track.

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