Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Android-Tablet iPad bypassed by revenue -

A few years ago, Apple was considered the undisputed leader in the tablet market, although it considered the inventor of this type of device it would be fundamentally wrong. In the last quarter, Apple’s share in the segment of tablets dropped below 30%, and Samsung with its 22% if not breathing behind the leader, but close enough. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the volume of iPad sales at an annual rate is not increasing, although the appearance on the market of iPad Air and can be a little shake this trend.

Again, edition The Korea Times returns to the theme of preparation for the announcement of Apple tablet display with a diagonal of 12.9″. alleged that one of the Korean manufacturers began to produce the corresponding display commissioned by Apple. device should hit the market next year. Samsung is also not sleep – for their tablets the company plans to use the OLED-displays with a diagonal of 10 “to 13″. Such products will allow the Korean company to achieve this goal – to displace Apple from first place in the tablet market.

Speaking of the resulting revenue in the segment, here Apple can no longer be considered a leader. At least sure of specialists Morgan Stanley, which refers to the opinion of the British edition of . In terms of revenue share of tablets running Android already accounts for 46.2% of the market, while Apple tablets provide only 45.6% of revenue. The remaining 8.2%, seems to fall on the tablets with other operating systems – especially the development of Microsoft. Earlier tablets with Android surpassed Apple products only on the number of products sold, and the Cupertino company could not sell as many tablets, but their average price was much higher. This ensured Apple revenues to such an extent that allowed her to be the market leader in this indicator. Now the Android platform pulls over and cash flow. Let us not forget, however, that under the collective name of Android in this case, the plates are implemented dozens of brands that use different versions of the operating system. In fact, Apple managed to win only because of the principle of “Seven at one”.

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