Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Discontinued Android update to version 4.3 for the Galaxy S3 and S4 - 3DNews

Last week it became known that the Android 4.3 update stops for Galaxy S3 because of the many problems encountered by users attempting to install it. Recently it became known that similar problems are faced by the owners not only older phones, but users Galaxy S4.

According to the owners

S4, after upgrading to Android version 4.3 they encountered problems with the Wi-Fi-connection – a network that connects to your smartphone to update stopped working. In addition, the battery very quickly. Resetting the device helped to solve the problem, but only temporarily.

Samsung is already known about the problems arising in the S3 after the upgrade to Android 4.3. Currently, the company’s experts are working to resolve the problem. Installing the update is suspended for most devices.

At least one company in the United States suspended the update for Galaxy S4. This confirms the fact that the problems after installing the update also appear on the device. It seems that the problem with the S4 less common than with S3.

Samsung has not commented on the situation, however, developers should conduct a more thorough test updates before releasing them.

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