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Four mineral supplements to Android - BBC

Four mobile applications that can make life easier for the owners of smartphones on Android: Voice Control Robin, incoming calls Call Popout, notebook Floating Stickies and aggregator mail SolMail – in today’s review, “Gazety.Ru”


Robin in GooglePlay

price: free

slowly but surely gaining popularity voice assistant: Siri after epplovskim appeared Google Now, Voicemate for LG, S Voice for Samsung. Appendix Robin, spreading without being tied to specific devices vendors, a few weeks ago was the first voice assistant with support for Russian language.

Among the features

Robin – view and voice mail, social networks and SMS, navigation, work with a task list, a search on Google, and more, until reading jokes. When you open the application the primary Robin will show a brief tutorial intro about its capabilities. The application is gradually learning to speak in Russian and in which case will keep the conversation about Steve Jobs, “Apple sister Siri» and even read “I remember a wonderful moment.” Robin is designed to operate without a touch, so that the application is activated enough to hold your hand in front of screen, after which he will build the assistant procedure “dialogue».

To use the Russian language in the primary will need to turn to agree to download the appropriate package. The application provides two voice voice – male and female, but the male with the download Robin reason often can not cope.

Call Popout

Call Popout in GooglePlay

price: free / paid version – $ 0,99

issued by companies with a cheerful called Root Uninstaller, Call Popout application created with the sole purpose – to force the phone to make calls directly from open applications without mutual damage, which it often ends.

After starting

Call Popout will intercept incoming calls and display them on top of the running applications (most of the games in this run out to the “pause”). Additional features of the application – to transfer the call on mute and turn on the speakerphone. Control is performed by moving the appropriate icons pop up call. If for some reason you do not want the program to fire with some of the applications that you can customize the list of exceptions.

In addition, Call Popout window allows you to set the location of the call and change their color and size. Straight from its interface, you can buy the paid version, which the developers promise more comfort and lack of advertising.

The weak application note periodic “freezing” on some phones. Before downloading, it makes sense to read reviews of the owners Google Play your model. This application does not Russified.

Floating Stickies

Floating Stickies in GooglePlay

price: free

by request «notebook» Google Play gives two dozen text editors – and that’s not including the “monsters” like Evernote, equipped with the same functionality, plus dozens of additional features. The only common drawback of all these applications is the need to repeatedly open them – in parallel viewing of lectures or reading a book – and it’s becoming very annoying problem. Her decision was engaged Mohammad Adib, author applications to optimize working space – and released Floating Stickies.

Appendix weighing only 294k is the easiest notebook: no makeup, no fonts and sizing. The main (and only) advantage Floating Stickies is a constant presence text editor window on the screen, which at any moment can be deployed on top of a running application. Due to its small size, translucency and the possibility of free movement does not interfere with the application and does not require constant switching between tabs. Among the features Floating Stickies – the ability to copy and paste text, or share it, for example, Facebook.

important feature Floating Stickies, you need to keep in mind – when you close, the application erases everything in it was recorded. Do not forget to copy writing.


SolMail in GooglePlay

price: free

a variety of aggregators in the range of Plau Google will soon be a hundred: Multimi, MailDroid, has already appeared in the reviews of this column, IM +, etc. SolMail all of the above applications distinguish single-minded focus (the application that is sharpened at work with e-mail), and user-friendly interface.

created a mailbox with an unlimited number of accounts, SolMail easy to work with large volumes of letters and, in contrast to the e-mail client and Google, also allows you to configure collection of letters from other boxes, works with any user accounts (IMAP or POP) are almost equally stable, without singling out “favorites.” Among the advantages of the application: the presence of filters (“important”, “attachments” and “unread”), archive and drafts. In addition, SolMail supports downloading any files and allows you to interface directly from the letters record a video or voice. Among the advantages of the interface, SolMail – support of sign control (for example, swipe to delete letters) and convenient operation: letters in one box, you may scroll from one to the other, all options “drag” on the screen, not cluttered workspace.

In general, the interface resembles the interface SolMail mail client GMail, but stripped of his controversial method of arranging letters. Among the shortcomings of the application – no pop-up notifications of new emails. Appendix Russified.

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