Friday, November 29, 2013

IOS developers earn five times more than Android - PC Week / RE

Today Android is the most common in the world of mobile operating system. According to IDC, for the III quarter of its market share is 80%, while on iOS accounted for only 13%. But, according to the publication Business Insider, quantitative superiority of Android-smartphone is not yet a guarantee of financial success developers and just for this indicator retains primacy platform iOS.

According to estimates

reviewers Publishing downloaded app for iOS brings it to the developer $ 1, while the creator of the program or game for Android based on a downloaded product earn only 19 cents. If we compare the revenue from in-app purchase (In-App Purchase), then iOS and has a significant advantage here – $ 1 to 24 cents in Android. The difference in advertising revenue is not so much: for every dollar that was brought in advertising applications for iOS, accounts for $ 0.77 of applications Android. It is reported that the main income for Android application developers receive from advertising on free applications.


firm Nanigans calculated indicators RPC (revenue per click, revenue per click) and ROI (return on investment, return on investment) for iOS and Android. It turned out that every time a user clicks “apple” gadget brings in more revenue by 6.1 times compared with the click owner Android-powered devices, and the “return” of the owner of an iPhone or iPad to 17.9 times higher. Higher activity iOS-users confirmed analysts Chitika. They found that 7 of 8 Internet-connected tablets – these are different models of iPad. Buyers of smartphones, Apple’s spend an average of 19 cents per application, whereas users Android – only 6.

According to the study

Gartner, by the end of 2013 the number of mobile application downloads from specialty stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play, will be $ 102 billion, which is 64% higher than a year earlier. The share of free applications have about 91% of the downloads. In 2017 almost half of the revenue in the market of mobile software will generate products whose creators resort to model In-App Purchase. Last year the figure was 11%, in 2013 it is expected to reach 17%.

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