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Manual Google: why the iPhone is worse than Android - BBC

head of Google, Eric Schmidt has published a guide for the transition from iPhone to android-smartphone. Top managers regularly traversed by Apple OS Android, this time in Google retaliate trolling.


Google published in his blog in the social network Google+ text entitled unequivocally: “Eric Guide: Moving from iPhone to Android». Owners of smartphones Apple ripe for transition to the new mobile platform, considered Schmidt. “Many of my friends used to use iPhone, switching to Android. Last flagship phones from Samsung (Galaxy S4), Motorola (Verizon Droid Ultra) and Nexus 5 equipped with the best screens and faster, their interface is much easier to understand intuitively.

These smartphones will be a great Christmas present for the owner of iPhone! »- he writes.

«How are the people that have switched from PC to Mac and never returned, you switch from iPhone to Android and never switch back, because your data will be stored in the cloud and backup. And you will have a large selection of smartphones, “- says Schmidt. According to recent studies, 80% of the world’s consumers choose Android, he added.

following is a list of actions to be taken by iPhone owners for “smooth transition” to the new OS.

To start

Schmidt advises configure android-smartphone, download all the necessary applications and update the software if required. After that, you should update the software on the iPhone, make a backup and synchronize all information, including stored on iPhone music, a second phone. The user can easily swap the SIM card from your old iPhone to android-smartphone.

special mention in the manual awarded Safari, a web browser from Apple. “Use Chrome, but not Safari: it is safer and better in all respects. And it’s free “- the head gently recommends Google.


Apple was the first company that decided to directly convince people to move from one platform to another: in 2002, she took out an ad “real people”, in which users videos explaining why they changed their PC to PC Mac (this is what Eric Schmidt hinted in the introductory part of his leadership).

Recently, Apple has not criticized the PC, preferably OS Android. So, in June, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned “pretty dark story” Android fragmentation in his speech at the conference WWDC: according to him, the market simultaneously presented too many different versions of Android, because this is more than a third of users are using the version of the OS, released More in 2010.

In September

presentation on iPhone 5s and 5c of Apple Marketing Phil Schiller allowed himself to joke about what new gadgets are made “without mercury, arsenic and Android».

Earlier in March, Schiller was even more direct, saying in an interview Animals in Wall Street Journal, that retailers often give smartphones with Android as a free replacement for regular phones and that the iPhone is much more pleasant to use – in conversation discussed the painful question of increasing share Android market.

Recall Eric Schmidt himself also changed Apple on Google: he served on the board of directors of Apple from 2006 to 2009.

Record Schmidt provoked a strong reaction among IT-experts, and among ordinary users.

At one time Google and other manufacturers android-smartphone borrowed a lot of ideas from Apple, Computerworld columnist recalls Jonny Evans. «Apple could not stop the Android, and the operating system from Google now dominates the smartphone sector by units sold gadgets. Thus, probably, the market share is not an indicator of which platform is better “- he said. The head of Google believes that only some android-gadgets such as Samsung Galaxy S4 or 5 Nexus can compete with the iPhone, like an expert.

Some adherents

Google think differently. “Only recently changed the iPhone 5 on the Nexus 5 … Received twice the best screen in half the money … I almost went blind when trying to read the microscopic screen iPhone!!! »- Shares his impressions user Nico Vale in the comments to write Schmidt Google+.

«The main drawback of this guide is that it is too long and complex: iPhone users will not be able to understand it,” – ironically killer android-oriented user Dean Wallace.

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