Sunday, November 17, 2013

TTpod for Android - Celestial knows how to surprise - Ferra

  • Developer : TTPOD
  • Price : Free
  • Tested : Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660
  • Google Play : view

Mobile platform Symbian, it is also – S60, was one of the last steps, which became the foot of the Finnish giant Nokia, before falling sharply and steadily down, right on your tailbone. Echoes one of the first portable operating systems are heard so far in the recently deceased Bada , and insanely promising N-GAGE 2 . The Finns have never had any problems with quality, but there were problems with marketing, and so their offspring operating quietly and peacefully died, but not in the battle with iOS and Android, and shortly before that. But the platform was full of life and full of vivid events. She gave birth to a lot of developers, whose products now remembered with a gasp. Doubly pleased when over time they do not go into oblivion, but continue to work, adapting their masterpieces under the new way. Fortunately for us, in a cohort of survivors enrolled legend All music on mobile devices – TTpod , recently released on the platform Android.

And immediately to the sad. The player has only Chinese. There is not a Russian or Ukrainian, and the language of Shakespeare and Byron is unhappy 10% of the total text, and then – in external modules. We can only expect the localization (which is bound to be, as the translated version for Symbian is very good) and at random to study the device software, simultaneously picking up his jaw, looking at the features in this version.

particularly on the interface We do not dwell – tea, not aesthetes. Especially because of the hero on the Symbian articles skins were more than single Lego blocks in a minor architect. Who do not believe, can drive a treasured combination in the search take a calculator and count the number of simulations Winamp , AIMP and Windows Media Player . Oh, there were also times …

not want to stop, and hovered in particular. Well, it happens. The most obvious advantage TTpod is the sound quality. Here, my dear, even the vaunted Winamp gives way. The volume on high, especially after Poweramp , the sound is perceived quite differently, like Dolby Surround 5.1 in the square. In this next song in the list is the quality of them, up to the cherished HQ. If you see these two letters around favorite track – you expect aesthetic shock, acoustic euphoria, remelting of consciousness … anything.

Joy continues in the interface. Simple and nice blue tone perfectly blended with a large font and do not strain the eyes. Navigation through categories sorting order, swipe left or right. Unusual lack of pictures in the folder list, but the navigation speed is amazing. The main window of the playback, and stylish, and functional. However, there is trouble in the form of small icons return (compared to Poweramp , then the difference is great), but its like a giant, covers work for locking the screen.

Even on the Android 2.3 lock screen can be a remote control switch songs and pause. On older versions, this is very obvious, but not for the young! It looks cool, works flawlessly and extremely pleasant. What more do you need?

Regarding the abundance of the Chinese language – no problem. The main interface is friendly in English and Chinese is present only in advertising. Of necessity it can even be set up, as most of Fitch in TTpod . Setting behind many of Poweramp , but the most important and key points are iron. And how do you demonstrate the function of the lyrics directly into any other application? What say you, fans sing songs Rammstein in Angry Birds ?

sum up this time will be easier than ever. Before us is the iconic player that passes the test fire, water and copper pipes and, most importantly, time. Brilliant sound (no kidding), convenient operation, a lot of features, which have come in handy … It remains only to get more and LCG Jukebox , and all – Symbian life lived not in vain, and the case it would be to live and thrive.

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