Saturday, November 16, 2013

Voice Assistant for Android open API (video) - |'s not boring technique

Voice & p # x43E; helpers for Android with from , indoor API (video)

Voice Assistant Siri was introduced a couple of years ago, many expected output an open API (application programming interface) for their own programs. Any application can be configured to custom phrases and execution of various commands. It never happened. As a result, IQT Ltd created his own version of Siri called “ Assistant in Russian.” To carry out such a task required recognition technology (ASR), speech synthesis (TTS) and NLP, which allows the user to extract meaning from speech and manage the context of dialogue. This component is connecting to any system of artificial intelligence and allows us to understand what the user wants.

At launch, the application was able to perform basic daily tasks with the help of speech. The application was built on a platform that would in the future could be used by other manufacturers. The result was an application with an open API and technology of NLP, which makes it possible to program a voice interface using only the device and Android SDK and carry some of the solutions to the cloud as needed. All services assistant created by different programmers, special difficulties in the use of API, as claimed by the developer, did not arise.


API “Assistant to the Russian”, you can create other applications, such , with “ AssistentKonnekt You can manage voice different devices, home entertainment system or components “smart” home. application can send requests to HTTP-protocol theater XBMC and ZWave smart home controller Vera . Maybe voice control browser . Some possibilities:

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