Monday, January 13, 2014

Intel will increase PC sales, combining Android and Windows - Microsoft Portal

Intel will increase PC sales, combining Android and Windows

PC sales fall often forced manufacturers headlong run and find a way out of this situation. So, are new and unique and effective methods and not. And even come to a decision to release the computers based on just two operating systems – Windows and Android. However, it can be very efficiently and profitably. Well, at least, this has not happened. As the resource The Verge, the idea to combine two popular OC already comes to the implementation, and these global changes have just begun. The exhibition Consumer Electronic Show, which was held from January 7-10 in Las Vegas, manufacturers have shared their new developments with a combination of two OC, who just flipped the mobile market.

In this exhibition, Intel introduced a new concept called «Dual OS ». The idea is to consumers Windows computers can also work seamlessly with Android, and on the same device, so that’s switching provide virtualization technology. Simply put, you can work on the same computer as the Windows and the system Android. Both operating systems can run side by side without any complaints, and switch between them without having to reboot or start a new OC.

little time before, Samsung showed its new creation ATIV Q. This full-fledged computer, running Windows 8. The main feature of this device is that it can switch from Windows to Android with just one click. Also, many users are widely used BlueStacks, to run Android-application under Windows, and a program to run Android WindowsAndroid system in Windows.

also shared resource The Verge very interesting information. Obviously, the benefit of using two OC on one device will be great, but Microsoft does not particularly want to take part in this. Even beyond that, the analyst Patrick Moorhead argues that the software giant does not want a revolution occurred. Whatever it was, but the idea and picked up by AMD, which also has similar technology. However, the essence of this idea is not to merge the two systems, and the ability to run Android-application in Windows, using the new chips.

course, too early to say how this wave of innovation will affect the gaming industry . But, I think it would be not only comfortable, and developers can use new technology to make their unique designs.

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