Saturday, February 1, 2014

Canalys: Android seriously pressed iOS - 3DNews

According to the analytical agency Canalys, in 2013 the market was shipped nearly 1 billion smartphones. Compared with the year 2012, recorded an increase of 44%.

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Interestingly, the increased influence of Android. Total has shipped 785 million Android-devices, which accounted for about 79% of total shipments of smartphones. In 2012 the figure was 68%. Accordingly, Apple iOS share declined from 20% to 15%, despite the increase in shipments to 154 million units.

Microsoft can celebrate their small victory. In 2013, she recorded 90% increase shipments of smartphones on its platform – to 32.1 million units. Windows Phone share of the market accounted for 3%. In many ways, the growth of its platform Microsoft grateful devices Nokia Lumia.

fastest growing market for mobile operating systems in 2013 showed OS Windows Phone (69%). Followed by Android (54%), and closes the top three iOS with a modest 7%. Largest supplier of Blackberry OS devices lags behind Windows Phone about a third. Last year, Blackberry OS still ahead of the competition.

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