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Every week (on Mondays), we talk about the most important, interesting and significant events that occurred with Android and Android-applications in the last seven days.
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Retrica – application for shooting self, which came to Android from iOS. Nothing special, it does not shine, but offers a great variety of free to use (or not) filters. Retrica can also make collages. Add to this a pleasant and unobtrusive interface, sparing monetization model and quick work, and you will have no reason not to try this app.



«Google Camera » – standard camera app Android, which finally got its deserved place in Google Play. Before you put the camera in your store, Google has updated her seriously: tweaked design and interface, adds the ability to blur the background objects, improved shooting panoramas, added the ability to shoot the photosphere (up to 50 megapixels!). Also, now on the viewfinder screen displays 100% of the future picture. Unfortunately, the application will only work on devices with preinstalled Android 4.4 KitKat or higher.



Frontback – fotoprilozhenie with iOS for self shooting (crossbows, self-portraits – call it what you want), which uses both the device’s camera at a time. Overall, this application adds to the picture of your face context. Reconsidering old photos and could not remember what made you smile there? With Frontback this problem no longer occurs. The application is completely free and allows you to share images in all popular social networks.



extremely useful application Chrome Remote Desktop this week came out of beta, so we decided to mention it. This Google service allows any PC on which the software is installed Chrome Remote Desktop. Each computer is tied to Google-account, and as a security measure to communicate with it is required to enter PIN-code. Complex operations, however, will require a lot of effort, so that, for example, play using Chrome Remote Desktop in Hearthstone will be quite problematic.



«Spider-Man 2 » – the next game of the film Spider-Man, which will be released in theaters April 24 Russia. The developer of this game could not become accustomed to produce similar products company Gameloft. As usual: we shoot webs flying between skyscrapers, climb the walls and waving his fists in front of persons villains. Unfortunately, even in the game, which costs 169 rubles, developers use intrusive micropayments.



Smash Bandits Racing – arcade racing game, as the main objective tasking players retiring from the police chase. Along the way, for the sake of earning points is proposed to destroy as many objects and structures. These points can then improve your car, so he drove faster and easier. Different game its easy operation, which requires the use of only one finger. Microtransactions in Smash Bandits Racing highly divine – no system of “energy” is not here.



Polymer game that can be termed as primitive strategy and puzzle. On iOS it came out in 2012 and attracted a very positive press. The player’s task is simple – at every level he needs in the correct order to combine pieces of the same color. With increasing complexity increases the number of figures, and the number of different colors on the field. The game supports leaderboards and achievements Google Play, and the most favorite “polymers” can show your friends in Twitter or Facebook .



The Voyage from studio Mojo Bones collection of hundreds of puzzles on the pirate theme that will test your sense of time, as well as ability in arithmetic, logic, perception and information other important aspects of brain function. Stretches through the entire game storyline, in which the role of the main villain played by comedic pirate named Captain Bodnar Pryazhkoborody. And in the end, of course, indispensable player expects a reward in the form of the legendary treasure.





Zombies, Run! – fitness app for the salvation of the zombies that will make you run in the real world. This week it has received an upgrade to version 3.0. It adds a third season chases (syuzhetnyh!) – 60 new episodes of this, three missions of which are available now free of charge. (The first and second seasons are now being sold at a reduced price.) Now the players chase and other monsters that terrible zombie …



Annex Adobe Photoshop Express this week got to version 2.2. It changed the interface a bit, added the ability to enter your pictures into frames and correct the effect of green eyes (which are often found in the photographs have pets). As usual, improved performance and fixes some annoying bugs.



Annex Yahoo-photoservice Flickr has been updated to version 3.0. The update redesigned interface, adds the ability to record video clips up to 30 seconds (this can apply the same filters as the Picture), improved search (he now works much faster and smarter …), and added to snapshots information Point & Shoot Camera, where they were shot.


 In the popular game

Subway Surfers (at one time stood at the origins of the genre “endless runner” on mobile devices) this week added a few levels. Players are invited to run in Rome. In addition, the game adds a new character named Roberto, and a weekly job of collecting Easter eggs, a new costume for Zoe and new achievements.





this week was published financial report Google, which surprised investors and employees of Wall Street. Google-sales advertising grew by 26%, which was below the projected figures. In addition, by 9% down payments advertisers. Operating expenses amounted to 35% of the corporation on income (in the first quarter of 2013 – 31%). Sami revenue rose 19% to $ 15.42 billion, but this is not enough – forecast Google had to earn $ 100 million more. Net income was $ 3.45 billion, and earnings per share – $ 5.04 (2013 – $ 4.97), which also was below forecasts. One of the main reasons for all this, analysts say the migration of users to mobile platforms, where advertising is not so thoroughly developed. The cost of shares of the corporation immediately after the publication of the report fell by 5%.


 Scandalous and

sutyazhnaya studio King.com, known for the hit game Candy Crush Saga , yet reconciled with the authors The Banner Saga and CandySwipe that previously was going to sue because of the title game. As a developer CandySwipe, and developer of The Banner Saga published on its website a statement that claims to King.com no longer have. All involved in the scandal companies promise not to pursue legal cases against each other, and King.com will no longer qualify for the registration of trade marks «candy» or «saga». We’re all just on a resolution of the situation and hoped for! It remains to be glad that common sense will triumph.



Social Network Facebook has announced a new feature of its mobile application, which will be called “close friends.” With it – what do you think? – It will be possible to know which of your friends to are close to the real world at the moment. Naturally, for this information each of the friends will have to agree on its distribution. Its location can be shared with all as well as with individual friends. Function appears in the application of social network in the coming weeks.



HTC released the first version of its Software Developer Kit, which will enable them to gain control over all the functions of the new Dual Camera flagship HTC One (M8) . API of the SDK can be used to create new effects, including – 3D. This is one of those rare cases where the manufacturer produces a similar SDK. Hope will soon see the first applications for One (M8), that will amaze us your photos or video!



gaming exhibition and conference PAX East 2014 studio Harmonix announced its new game in the genre of “endless runner” called Record Run . To the usual elements of a runner it adds elements of musical rhythm games (yes, like in domestic BIT.TRIP RUN! ). To create a unique gaming experience your music will be used, which is stored on a smartphone or tablet. Of course, the game will also have its own soundtrack. As for release date not yet known.



Formal announcement of the new version of Android 4.4.3 KitKat has not happened yet. But in one of the Google applications called Edu Device Setup , which helps to customize Android-plates, there mention of support for the next version of the OS. No details about the Android 4.4.3, of course, not yet, but we assume that the update will be available to everyone at the same time, when they host the conference Google I / O 2014 (June 25-26).



Remember the scandal with a paid “antivirus” application Virus Shield , which suddenly appeared in the top Google Play, being a deception? For the price of a few dollars it bought hundreds of thousands of users. Soon fraudulent application was rightly expelled from the store. Google has decided not to stop, and all those who bought the Virus Shield, returned the money spent, and the top has accrued an additional $ 5, which can be spent for other applications in Google Play. On this, the company reported in a special users email. Interesting move: thus a corporation may, without even wanting to encourage the purchase of such applications in the future. We hope that more such incidents in Google Play will not.



this week for Android was announced a new economic strategy «1849» . It should appeal to those who once loved to spend time in SimCity or Caesar III . As you might guess from the title, the action will take place in 1849. Offer to direct the player already 20 cities in California. Game is scheduled for release on May 8, but now in the Google Play can find and install an earlier version. This is the case if you are in a country where it is allowed (in Russia – there is no way).



Sources Resource Venture Beat reports that Google is working on encryption Gmail -messages, which can be applied in everyday life end users of the service. PGP-encrypted, you can use now, but it will have to work hard. Google is going to make a PGP-encrypted accessible to the masses. Not too clear remain three points: 1) storage of keys (on the user’s computer or on servers Gmail?); 2) inability to reset the password – PGP standard simply does not support this function; 3) Now Google scans all email users for more accurate targeting of advertising and encrypted like scanning letters will be simply impossible. Maybe the encryption function is paid?





Android operating system for smart points updated to version 4.4 KitKat. Prior to this device using Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.


Registration for the annual developer conference Google I / O, which will be held June 25 and 26 in San Francisco.


started action Humble Mobile Bundle 5. For a few dollars you can buy just six great mobile games.


In Google Play game came Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition – remake of classic role-playing PC-1998.


games and applications run on the smartphone LG G Flex.


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