Friday, April 25, 2014

Android selects the mobile advertising market in iOS - RBC Daily

Mobile devices running on the operating system Android (developed by Google), in the first quarter of 2014 for the first time bypassed devices for iOS (Apple) on advertising traffic. This is stated in the report Opera Mediaworks («daughter» Norwegian software company Opera Software, specializing in the placement of mobile advertising).

Android share in January-March in the global mobile advertising traffic amounted to 42.8%. Platform from Google also overtook rival income from such advertising, occupying 33% of the market. Apple is satisfied with performance of 38.2% and 26.7%, respectively.

Most advertising contracts, estimated Opera, fell on smartphones Samsung: they got more than 60% of mobile ad impressions. Followed by LG (11,1%), Motorola (5,7%), HTC (3,3%) and ZTE (2,6%).

According to Director of Opera Mediaworks Russia Elena Pikunova, Until recently, the Android platform does not provide advertisers with the necessary tools that would allow us to spend on mobile devices successful advertising campaign. “In particular, Android-devices have small screens, while the platform itself – not a very good technical tools to implement campaigns in format rich-media. All this helped to strengthen leadership platform iOS », – explains Pikunova. Today, in her opinion, Android-devices in no way inferior to devaysa iOS, and their numerical superiority could not affect the volume of traffic of mobile advertising.

According to IDC, specializing in market research, information technology, in 2013, worldwide sales of smartphones running Android accounted for 793.6 million units, which corresponds to the share of 78.6% against 69% a year earlier. At the same time the share of the iOS platform has decreased from 18.7% to 15.2%. Together, they control 93.8% of the global smartphone market, which is 6.1% more than at the end of 2012.

Product Director of AdWired Andrew Frost in general agreement with the results of Opera Mediaworks, but the main reason for the growth of the advertising traffic from Android considers the openness of the platform. “If an iOS application can only be installed from the official store App Store, then they are available on Andriod in Google Play, and in third-party stores. Moreover, many applications can be pumped to devices running Android directly – in the form of files, “- said Frost. This situation contributes to the appearance of pirated products, so manufacturers of applications based on Google’s increasingly choosing advertising monetization model rather than direct sales, he says: “For example, the game Angry Birds has been partially paid on iOS, but on Android – all freely available, but with integrated advertising ».

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