Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Microsoft and Motorola Solutions entered into a license agreement for Android and Chrome - Computer Information Portal

* The company Microsoft, as it is known, diligently promoting its mobile operating system Windows Phone smartphones, and Windows 8 tablets. However, before the popularity of its competitors in the face of Android it is still very far. However, this popularity brings significant benefits and most Microsoft: it became known some time ago, from licensing systems used in Android and Google Chrome technology it gets higher returns than most of the Windows Phone.

Licensing is carried out not Top Google, but with specific hardware manufacturers use in their devices these systems. Another such manufacturer is the company Motorola Solutions (not to be confused with the sold Lenovo Motorola Mobility, which produces smartphones). This company has been producing devices such as laptop computers, car computers, shockproof and moistureproof tablets and laptops, etc. For the use of all these devices and Chrome OS Android Motorola Solutions will now pay Microsoft royalties, the amount of which is not called.

Such charges already paid more than 20 companies, including such large companies as Dell, Samsung, LG, HTC, Acer, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. For what it is Microsoft technology gets these profits are also not reported.

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