Thursday, April 24, 2014

Samsung breaks up with Android - Russian Newspaper

Samsung has announced plans to develop and promote its own platform Tizen smartphone and other electronics, and the phasing out of Android, developed by Google, according to The Koreatimes.

platform Tizen, like its counterpart Android, link all Samsung products in a single category, which will allow the corporation to enter into a new stage of its development – “the era of post-Google”.

to develop their own platform company increases investments. In addition, the guide Samsung does not preclude the creation of close alliances and acquisitions of smaller companies for the fastest developing Tizen.

President of Samsung Electronics Medial Solution Center Hong Won-Pyo, commenting on the publication of the new plans, expressed the hope that through Tizen will be able to reduce its dependence on Google and its platform Android, which is operated all smartphones and tablets corporation. However, until Samsung can not boast so many content which have Apple and Google.

prototype smartphone based Tizen operating system was first demonstrated in public last February at the exhibition Mobile World Congress. A year later, the company said that Tizen platform will run the second generation of “smart” Samsung Gear 2 hours. Launch dates smartphone platform Tizen, Samsung has not yet called.

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