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FIFA World Cup began, but whether your inflated soccer ball? This will help determine the specific application BallTune (free). The process is simple: just let the ball with human height and send him on camera. The application considers the number of jumps and their height, and then let you know whether your ball is inflated. Oh these technologies!



1Password (free) – the application of the studio AgileBits, which allows you to store all your passwords (from the websites of the applications and anything else you can imagine) in a safe place, without losing this access. This is not entirely new application, but the old version has not been updated recently, the developers decided to just write it all over again, and removed the old version of Google Play. The app is free, but includes micropayments, opening up new functions: generation resistant to cracking passwords, synchronization with other devices, etc. Prior to August 1, 2014 it will all be working for free, but after the application will become a regular viewer of your password store, unable to edit it. With a potential value of app developers have not decided yet, but the iOS-version costs as much as 580 rubles. However, looking at it from the positive side: password manager – one of the best options for investing your money!



« Google My Business » (free) – an invaluable application for small business. Keep a small cafe, or, say, a hairdresser? Thought about how quickly and conveniently to place information about your company in «Google Search» , «Google Maps» and Google+ ? It proposes to do this and «Google My Business.” Also add information to this application allows you to view and surface statistics: how many times your business is in search of what his subscribers to Google+ and other.



Google I / O 2014 (free) – this is, um, a comprehensive application for those who are interested in the annual conference of developers Google. Another Google I / O will take place in late June, and with this program you can view the agenda, information on lectures and lecturers, add interesting events in your personal calendar (to then get a reminder), view a map of the conference (suddenly you become a party to it R) and, finally, to see live video stream. Not want to miss the main event of the year Android-? Rather install. Come and visit us often.



Echo (free) – Android-application that replaces the standard lock screen device. The authors want to solve a problem that occurs when a set of notifications – What is, of course, do not fit on the standard lock screen. Echo widget displays the hours, date and battery, and under it – notifications are sorted by category. The first to go priority notices – missed calls, unread SMS and emails. In the second category are placed notice of social networks. The third – the notification of applications to work (for example, «Oblako@Mail.Ru» ) and so on. At the same priority notice more and activate monitor off device – very handy if you keep it on your desktop. All notifications can be put off for a few minutes (or until the connection to the Wi-Fi-network) by a simple swipe to the right. Note that the application is currently in alpha testing, and many functions (for example, sorting notifications manually) it simply does not.



Copy Bubble (free) – is an analogue Link Bubble Clipboard. You are likely to use similar functionality in Facebook Messenger: there “chat bubbles” float on top of other applications in the case of a new message. The same “bubble” is used in the Copy Bubble, but here it is only one. In his small icon displays the number of objects in the clipboard. By clicking on the “bubble” opens the entire list, where you can copy the desired text or something else. The application is completely free, contains no advertising and micro-transactions.



Focus – photo sharing (free) – a small but very handy application that solves the problem, certainly not stand in front of you again. Ever passed another of your smartphone or tablet to show photos or videos? Of course, passed. Of course, immediately after viewing the relevant files of the observer have the desire to look at other photos on the device, right? Well, Focus disables viewing other images and video, offering to return the device owner or enter PIN-code. It’s that simple! It is worth noting that the free version supported by advertising.



Company Rubicon Development has released on its Android strategy game Great Little War Game 2 (104 rubles). This is a logical continuation of the first part, which at the time received many positive reviews from both the press and the players. Overall, for the money (there is no micro-transactions), you get six dozen new missions, a lot of new units that can be improved, bright and frivolous visual style and the appropriate soundtrack.



Game Band Stars (free) – a new simulator from the studio HalfBrick, which, as you might guess, invites players to engage in collective management of music, going the hard way from garage band to international stars. Recruitment of new team members (there are five dozen), a mixture of musical styles and writing texts (of course, not literally) – that’s what you can do here. Of course, it is possible to measure the popularity of its group with friends. The game is free, but full of microtransactions.



Fluid SE (70 rubles) – is the result of cross-breeding and racing games beloved Pac-Man . Under vigorous music developers offer players to collect points in the arena, avoiding to detractors-antiparticles and using accelerators and other bonuses. The result – a great game that is sure to not disappoint the adult or child. By the way, there are no micro and just did the child device running on it Fluid SE you can trust without fear.





Facebook Messenger got an update to version 6.0, which added a couple of important functions. For example, right now you can chat to share small (up to 15 seconds) video, which is used to capture the built in camera app. In general, you can now transmit video without interrupting the conversation. Also added in Annex huge “husky”, which, of course, need to respond to friends who sent hilarious video of my cat.



One of the most prominent and popular mobile games, BADLAND , this week received a major update. It allowed players to play on the same screen at once in four of the new cooperative mode. Prior to this multiplayer capability BADLAND limited confrontation between the two players. Now the developers offer us together with three friends walking 40 modified for co-op levels, and all new stages in the game has more than a hundred. Naturally, it is better to play the four of us to use the device with display more – or at least a tablet planshetofon.





Annex «Google Maps » have downloaded over a billion times. This is the second application has reached the mark. First, we recall, was a mail client Gmail . Of course, helped achieve that «Google Maps” are preset on almost all Android-powered devices, so that a billion downloads this program also shows how in the world this popular mobile operating system. The next contender for the title of “milliardnika” may be considered, for example, Android-client messenger WhatsApp .



As you know, kinoseriyu «Terminator» restart gathered new trilogy with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first film in which will be released in theaters next summer. This week it became known that the release of mobile games based on films that will be occupied by Glu, known, for example, a recent game on the film «Robocop» (see our review). CEO Glu Niccolo de Masi on this occasion said: “The Terminator – one of the main kinoikon and we will be happy to make him a new free mobile game. We are confident that the millions of fans of the character around the world will love it for its hurricane action. ” The game will be created in collaboration with film company Skydance, and which has been filming a new trilogy.


 At E3 2014

company Sega has announced a new mobile game, the main role which takes all the famous blue hedgehog Sonic. She called Sonic Jump Fever and will appear in Google Play this summer. The game is a continuation of the original Sonic Jump , but the main focus has shifted to compete with friends. Play will be as for Sonic, and other characters in the universe – for example, Knuckles the echidna. Biweekly ratings leaders will be reset to the players an incentive to again and again to conquer the first place.





mobile application sotsseti Secret translated into Russian and integrated with Vkontakte.


One of the most popular Android-keyboards, SwiftKey , became free.


Amazon launched for its subscribers Prime-music service, which is called – Amazon Prime Music .


On Android games out VVVVVV (retro platformer from the mad Kavanaha Terry, founder Super Hexagon ) and Angry Birds Epic (turn-based RPG in universe birds and pigs).


this week held a major annual exhibition of digital entertainment – E3 2014. Read about the most interesting mobile games out here.


games and applications run on the smartphone Alcatel One Touch Hero.


Read about mobile applications in our section APPS. New materials – every day.



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