Monday, June 16, 2014

Firefox OS applications now run on Android as native – Ferra

If you want to “try on clove” applications for Firefox OS, you no longer need a dedicated machine with the OS using a simple Android-smartphone. This was made possible with the release of a stable version of Firefox 29 for Android, which allows you to easily launch applications for Firefox OS on different Android-gadgets.

Moreover, these applications under Firefox OS running in a non-native environment virtually the same as any other Android-program, moreover, without any noticeable loss of speed. This functionality is implemented through platform Open Web Apps, and Web applications themselves even started and removed through standard mechanisms in Android.

Naturally, the realization of these opportunities should be a salutary effect on the proper and Mozilla Firefox OS, as it allows to promote this software platform coupled with applications under it by hyped Android. Also have the chance to raise additional forces developers to create web applications, yet remaining in the shadows a little conventional programs, although the former have the advantage of flexibility.

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