Friday, June 20, 2014

Google said platform specific Android Wear –

pre-conference Google I / O Corporation decided to tell the same name about the features of the platform Android Wear, which is designed for portable devices – network has a corresponding video . According to the developers, Android Wear require minor code modifications Android, but offers a different interface, and other ways to interact with the user, taking into account the features of the wrist wearable devices.

First of all, Android Wear caters for a significant reduction in the time required to access to the right information. For example, if your smartphone need to get out of his pocket or bag, unlock, move to the application in a few steps, and then see the desired information. This is repeated several times a day. Google has done everything possible to using Android Wear user to see the information you need almost instantly on the display device worn on the wrist. Time transitions significantly reduced.

Maximum simplified and the interface itself: rows of application icons on a compact display” smart watches “would look out of place. At rest, the device only shows the current time and weather, you can give voice commands after the introductory phrase “OK Google”. All notifications are automatically duplicated on the clock and on the smartphone, with a wearable device they are displayed as “stack” or multipage text. You can reply to messages – in this case, the text introduces voice.

Android Wear In the future promises to add the ability to customize the interface, transferring data to another device, monitoring sensors, as well as to expand the list of voice commands.

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