Saturday, June 14, 2014

In Microsoft does not exclude the probability of occurrence of Cortana on iOS and Android – Computer Information Portal

main innovation is the latest version of the mobile operating system Windows Phone voice became assistant Cortana. Adding new functionality to the platform in the future, it should appear in other products Microsoft, for example, desktop versions of Windows and console Xbox One.

On passing in the event SMX Advanced Seattle group manager Windows Phone Marcus Ash said, answering questions about the future of Cortana, that the company is considering extending to rival platforms iOS and Android. Thereby Microsoft can make life easier for PC users on Windows, mobile devices, which run on the aforementioned systems.


Naturally, Cortana integration platform for other manufacturers will not be as deep as in the Windows Phone, and the user does not get as complete a list of options. The question arises, is it necessary to produce Cortana on other systems, or to leave an exclusive Windows.

Recently, Microsoft is increasingly drawn to the first embodiment, releasing Office for tablets iPad, not to mention the presence on iOS and Android software Skype, OneDrive, the search engine Bing, etc. Cortana can add to the list in the future. If this happens, Cortana will be available to more users, and possibly entice someone on Windows Phone, where the possibilities even wider assistant.

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