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New Android and 9 possible announcements about the conference Google I / O – BBC News

Tomorrow, June 25, starts developer conference I / O, have staged every year by Google. There is every reason to believe that this year’s event will be marked by the operating system Android, which Internet search engine wants to put in all spheres of everyday life – in smart phones, watches, televisions, home and car.

Google I / O, let us recall, held since 2008. By tradition, it runs for two or three days in the exhibition complex “Moscone Center” in San Francisco. It discusses the technical features of creating applications for Android, the new functions of the browser and OS Chrome, Google API, WebToolkit, App Engine, open web technologies and more. As Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which holds in June Apple, I / O serves as a platform for the announcement of new products and applications, which should see the light in the second half of the year.

In this Wednesday, is expected to the company will introduce a new version of the mobile “OSes”, will talk about the platform for Android Wear jacket worn electronics and announce the release of consumer model “smart” glasses Glass. Should not be excluded and updates related to Nexus, Android TV set-top box and other “iron”. Spicy 10 of the most anticipated announcements Google made Vesti.Haytek.

Android 5.0

to release a new version of Android now is the time, and Google’s not just waiting for the next updates and major release under the numeral five. First, with the advent of 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), radically redesigned “OSes” It has been almost three years, and 4.4 (KitKat), published last October, brought not a lot of new features. Second, the company needs to show what she can answer iOS 8, which was introduced by Apple earlier this month.

information about Android 5.0 is extremely small. The only thing is certain: it will be named with the letter L (possibly – Lollipop, “Hard Candy”), traditionally called as search engine releases in honor of a particular sweetness, whose name should be in alphabetical order. Rumors promise version 5 embedded antivirus that will periodically scan application for the presence of “bad” code, a new virtual machine (ART instead of Dalvik), which should increase the speed and stability of the system, as well as advanced features for business users (encryption increased Reliability, storing the most valuable information directly on the chips and the like). Expected and a major upgrade of standard programs, including the “Calendar” and Gmail.

details Android Wear

On Android Wear – spetsversii “axis”, optimized for small screen worn gadgets – Google casually mentioned in March, when Motorola and LG have announced their own models of smart hours. Platform allows you to read updates on social networks and messengers and receive various notifications. In addition, it supports the fitness apps on your phone.

Most teams devices on Android Wear should be given a voice. So you can, for example, play music, call a taxi, send an SMS to book a table at a restaurant. Google admitted that products based on the new platform will release many large companies – ASUS, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, MediaTek, Qualcomm and Fossil. Other details about the Android Wear searcher did not say why it is hoped that it will do so within the I / O, and its partners – will show a lot of “smart” devices.

Update Android TV

In an effort to win the television screens Google experiencing varying degrees of success. The biggest achievement of the company in this field – a compact set-top box Chromecast, which allows you to broadcast on a large screen video, music and pictures from almost any device. Dimensions comparable with the usual gadget “memory stick”, and it connects to the TV via HDMI and connects to the network Wi-Fi. Chromecast, published in July last year, proved to be very popular among consumers and became a bestseller in the United States.

is possible that I / O search engine will try to build on this success by announcing the project restarted Android TV. New, “big” set-top box can get a completely new interface, unifying view of different services (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and others), and navigation in a single directory. Preview Chromecast second generation should also not be overlooked.

“Car” Android

platform Google has pursued everywhere: in your pocket and a TV in front and wrist . Very soon, Android “populate” even cars. In January at CES 2014, the company started an organization Open Automotive Alliance, which includes such concerns as Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai. The purpose of OAA – adaptation and introduction of Android in cars.

No announcements for six months did not happen, so Google will certainly be something to share on the I / O. One can guess that “car” Android, like CarPlay system from Apple, will allow drivers to control music playback SMS and receive calls using voice commands, as well as build routes without taking hands off the wheel.

Android @ Home

The focus on the I / O can be a system for home automation – the last time Google shows more attention to this market. Recall that in January the search engine acquired Nest, producer of “smart” thermostats and smoke detectors, and recently became the owner (through the same Nest) Dropcam, letting out surveillance cameras. Both transactions cost the company $ 3.7 billion. At the same time Google has in 2011 introduced Android @ Home project management lighting, household appliances and other home electronics from mobile devices, but for a long time about nothing unheard of.

“Folk” model Google Glass

time and place I / O is quite suitable for Google to announce the release of the consumer version of smart points Google Glass. Gadget, we recall, has long been available to a limited circle of people – “testers” (Explorers), – for which he was worth $ 1,500. Recently, the company has removed restrictions, and since May device can buy any resident of the U.S., but at the same high price.

If Google wants to attract the masses to the miracle points, it will have to reduce their cost at least twice. But given the fact that on the eve of Glass, in addition to the U.S., became available in the UK (1000 pounds), it is unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future. More likely scenario in which the company will release a second, “folk” model, lacking some features.

Nexus-tablet and Chromebooks Chromebook Pixel 2

As you know, Google likes to show “fresh” Android on the latest devices. To demonstrate the capabilities of version 5.0, and along with competitor iPad Air, those on the I / O can be updated tablet under the brand name Nexus. Rumored 8.9-inch “tablet” codenamed Volantis search engine helped create HTC. Among its features include 2048h1440 resolution, 64-bit chip Tegra K1, 2 gigabytes of “RAM”, aluminum housing and front stereo speakers. There are also reports that the device uses an atypical aspect ratio of 4:3.

known and the price: $ 399 for a model with 16 GB and $ 499 for 32 GB. Tablet that runs on Android to “release L” (it may just talking about Lollipop), scheduled for release at the IV-th quarter of the year, and it is possible to wait for the announcement of I / O.

Perhaps update affected and “premium” Chromebooks Chrombook Pixel, released in early 2013. The laptop itself was released Google, without the participation of industrial partners. It was equipped with a high definition 12.9-inch touchscreen (2560h1700 points), a powerful Intel Core i5 processor with integrated graphics HD Graphics 4000 and until recently was sold for 1300-1500 dollars. Order online laptop store Google now impossible. His lack of stock can be explained by the fact that the delivery of the new model is about to begin.


From announcements at I / O, we can see how Google progress in projects related to robotics. Recall that last year the search engine immediately bought eight companies, including Boston Dynamics, and created a department that specializes in robots. It was headed by Andy Rubin, one of the creators of Android.

And in early 2014 it was announced, the partnership with Foxconn. Details of the deal were not specified, but said that Google intends to use plants collector “iPhone” as a testing ground. Robots could take, for example, in manufacturing, logistics and electronics assembly. In the long term “machine” should also help Google to automate the supply chain to accelerate the delivery of goods ordered through the online service Google Shopping. There are also rumors that the search engine is developing an operating system for robots – analogue Android, which can be used in factories.

Project Tango

Most likely, Google seizes the moment for I / O, and tell how things from the project Project Tango, in which devices are created with “3D-vision.” To date, the company has already two such devices: smartphone and tablet. Both cameras are equipped with innovative depth sensors that scan their environment and real-time 3D-build its model.

Applications Project Tango can be very different. For example, before going to the store user can build a 3D-map of his house, he found it easier to pick up the furniture. The device will also help visually impaired people to navigate in unfamiliar areas without assistance.

Neither smartphone or tablet Project Tango in general sale is not expected. As Glass glasses at an early stage, they can redeem only the developers who apply, and explain what they want to implement the project with the help of devices.

Google Stars

Finally on I / O company certainly touches Stars – attempts to rethink the system of bookmarks in the browser Chrome. The new service will allow delay for viewing on then any content found on the Internet. They can be e-mails, web pages, images, videos, etc. Bookmarks will be added to the library on which you can search.

Any new element introduced in the library becomes a “star.” All the “stars” are private, but users can create a shared public folder and share the link to it with your friends. Earlier search engine accidentally let the corresponding addition to Chrome, but was soon withdrawn. Obviously, it was done prematurely and release Stars was decided to hold the I / O.

Google Stars Project may be something more than just “stowing” service in Chrome. The system of “stars” in the mail already used Gmail, maps, faylohranilische Drive and Google Voice for texts. Perhaps Google idea is to collect the content selected by the user in one location.

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