Thursday, June 19, 2014

Parallels has taught Android Remote Access – Russian Newspaper

company Parallels has expanded the list of mobile devices that can be removed from the control desktop computer or laptop.

As the press service company, has released new version of Parallels Access 2.0, which allows you to completely control and manage a home computer not only with the iPad, as before, but with the iPhone and Android-tablets and smartphones.

In an official press release reported that the new version uses the same proprietary technology applification, which allows you to interact with computer applications using familiar multi-touch gestures.

When running the application on a tablet or smartphone, the user sees the desktop of the remote computer and can make it normal business activities.

Press office Parallels announce that thanks to Parallels Access can leave the laptop at work and continue to work from home. The program is also useful in cases where an urgent need to edit the file while on the trip.

addition of new platforms, an updated version of Parallels Access the opportunity to log in using the Facebook-account.

“The application Parallels Access incredibly popular among users iPad, and why we have expanded his audience to millions of users of Android and iPhone. While traditional products for remote access attempt to translate the big screen desktop to the small screen of the mobile device, we spent a huge amount of effort in to make remote access from mobile devices truly convenient and efficient – said the president Jacob Parallels Zubarev. – This application allows our people without any restrictions to work with any Mac and PC applications using conventional gestures, tools and capabilities to they are used to on their mobile devices – iPhone, iPad or Android “.

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