Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Presentation Apple: Android buy by mistake – Reedus

 According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, last year’s 130 million people bought their first iPhone and switched to the “apple” system. In his opinion, iOS users use its latest version, unlike fans Android. To confirm his words Cook led schedule according to which, 89% of Apple’s gadgets installed iOS 7, and the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat established only 9% of user devices.

 ”Less than one in ten Android users using the latest version of the operating system. This means that people do not have access to all the latest features of the OS. They can not use the latest applications, they are not available security updates you need to protect your data, “- said the head of Apple’s conference.

iOS 8

 New mobile axis delight users with new features and applications that make life easier. For example, the new operating system has changed the keyboard. It adds the predictive QuickType, and what is more important, developers are allowed to install the keyboard from third-party developers than previously could only boast Android.

 Feature was added interactive notifications. Update touched the native messenger iMessage – Added ability to send audio. Application appear Health, which allows you to store a visual form in all the information about the health of the owner and his athletic achievements, and if necessary to share information with his personal physician.

 In iOS 8 is now a special regime Family Sharing, which allows one to use a credit card to several family members. Parents will be notified that their children buy.

 Henceforth Shazam service will be integrated into the device, and access to features fingerprint reader Touch ID receive third-party application developers.

 At WWDC was also presented as a platform of “smart home» HomeKit, allows you to manage “smart” parts of your home. Note that iOS 8 will be not available to users of the iPhone 4.

OS X Yosemite

 Apple desktop operating system has evolved, both in design and in functional terms. One of its main feature is the greater integration with the mobile platform. Improved and improved search engine Spotlight, and with it the Notification Center as a whole. Now answer the phone can be straight from the computer.

 Innovation was the service iCloud Drive, a cloud service that allows you to remotely store files and synchronize them between all devices. In addition, improved Safari browser and technology AirDrop.

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