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Smartphones «Android» and «Windows» will be equipped with “click of death” – Pskov News Release

22.06.2014 19:07 ITT, Pskov


 Google and Microsoft will install on their smart phones running on Android operating system and Windows, the kill switch – the ability to remotely lock the device in case of theft or loss, Prosecutor General’s Office announced today that the State of New York. Local law enforcement officers believe that the spread of such an option on all smartphones will minimize the theft of these devices, often accompanied by violence, according to RBC.

 New York Attorney Eric Schneiderman and his colleague in the district of San Francisco George Gascon year ago launched a broader American campaign Secure Our Smartphones (SOS) to convince all suppliers embed option smartphones kill switch to the new model. Now, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office in New York, Google and Microsoft plan to embed the kill switch in the next version of its operating system for mobile devices. In the first quarter of the world manufacturers shipped 287.8 million smartphones, of which 81.1% had Android on iOS – 15,2%, on Windows Phone – 2,7%, estimates IDC.

 Apple last year the first of the leading manufacturers responded to the call of Gascony and Shneiderman. In September 2013, Apple introduced the iOS operating system with 7 function kill switch, which allows you to remotely lock your iPhone or iPad tablet and erase all data.

 Law enforcement statistics – on the side of prosecutors. According to the initiative group SOS, robbery to take possession of Apple products in New York City decreased by 19% in January-May 2014 compared with the same period a year ago. At the same time theft devices Samsung rose in New York for more than 40% (kill switch function appeared on some Samsung phones only in April this year).

 ”This statistic illustrates the tremendous efficiency function kill switch, and obligations Google and Microsoft – giant steps towards the protection of consumers,” – said Schneiderman, he was quoted as Bloomberg.

 If burglars will know that stolen phone with high probability will unhelpful incentive to go on the offense will be much less, proponents argue SOS

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