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The new iOS 8 appeared proprietary features Android – RBC

 Many abuse Android. This, for example, engaged in Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, on the presentation of the new iOS 8. Overall for the cause: the system is really a lot of problems, mostly they relate to security and data fragmentation. Since Android – an open operating system, virus programs are very easy to get access to its file system. Besides, after a while it becomes clogged with garbage and begins to slow down. This Android is similar to Windows.

 However coin has two sides, and Android has a number of features that have long been available to users “apple” gadgets. If three years ago, one could say that it is iOS is the most progressive, fast and convenient mobile OS, now the situation has changed. Android, despite all its flaws, offers the user access to the customization of your smartphone or tablet, with each update Google adds more and more useful features to their offspring, and gradually began to lag behind iOS.

  Apple, of course, play is not going to compete, so iOS 8, which will be available this fall, there have been several proprietary features of Android. And it will only benefit her.

  Interactive notifications



  One of the most simple but nevertheless important and useful features. She appeared in more Android in version 4.1. Through interactive notifications can interact with applications without opening them in full screen or turning a working program. For example, if on the iPhone came SMS, you can respond to it directly in the window with the notification. The same applies to social networks: if someone wrote a post on Facebook, can layknut it in a popup window, without running the client.

  Intuitive and third-party keyboard


  standard keyboard will be improved, it will be context-sensitive, that is, will pick a word, depending on the standing nearby. On Android there is such an application, it is called SwiftKey. Also be allowed to replace the default keyboard on hand, downloading it from App Store. For example, in Swype, which is one of the trump cards Android.

  Swype lets you type text, sliding your finger across the screen, and thus significantly increase the speed of printing. And now it appears on the iOS.

  Audio and video recordings in the “Messages»


  According to Apple, «Messages” – is the most popular program for iOS. The new version of the operating system can send each other video and audio, as well as location-based data. In addition, the ability to drop and mutes incoming messages from group conversations.

 In Hangouts for Android also can send video messages and organize video chats. But audio messages as SMS – the notion of Apple.

  Hey, Siri!


 In iOS 8 can activate Siri without pressing the Home, just by saying: «Hey, Siri!»

 Do Android features personal assistant performs Google Now, which is activated by the phrase «OK Google». He also supports the Russian language. Unlike Siri.

  Synchronization galleries and photo editor


 With the release of iOS 8 will be able to store photos in iCloud Drive, cloud storage from Apple. Access to this cloud can be obtained from each device on iOS and OS X , the pictures will be loaded into memory on the fly.

  In addition, finally allowed to edit photos right in the gallery.

 In Android these features already. With the help of Google-account, you can set up synchronization between picture all your devices. Well built-in photo editor, which has even filters on Android also already exists. Cloud from Google, by the way, is called Google Drive.



  Widgets – this additional interface elements that allow to customize the operating system. In iOS 8 can be integrated into third-party Notification Center widgets. For example, put a widget that will notify you of the results of the latest sports scores or display detailed information about the weather.

  Widgets – one of the most useful features of Android. But, unlike iOS 8 in OSes from Google they can be put not only in the Notification Center, but also on the desktop. Practically free from any place icons. Quantity available for Android widgets tremendously, but for their iOS generally unavailable. If you do not take into account devices with jailbreak.

  Preview application


 With the release of iOS 8 will also be updated application store App Store. Under each application developers will be able to place video demonstrating its basic functions. On Android, this feature is already there.



  TestFlight – is beta testing. Developers will be able to add to App Store at an early stage of development. In Play Market on Android beta software can be set to open access for a long time.

  course, say that Apple has stolen something from Android, not quite appropriate. The company soon peeked at his rival any developments and implement them in their own way. Have to wait for a response Google, because iOS 8 bring in the mobile world many new features such as applications and Home Health. Exit 8 iOS slated for this fall, and it seems that the war’s largest mobile operating systems will flare anew.

  Dmitry Petrenko

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