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Ticket to the future of Google: First Look at Android Wear and watch Motorola Moto 360 –

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Wearable electronics in the form of hours captured the public’s attention about a year ago. Then my watch showed many known and unknown (more recent) manufacturers, everybody calmed down decided that the story was over. That is born a new segment watches cheap fitness assistants like Kreos Meteor and not cheap “crutches” for “spades” like Samsung Galaxy Note named Galaxy Gear.

New Android

But suddenly, Google has made a knight’s move, presenting at the end of March this year, a new platform Android Wear. Well, as a new one: it was the same Android, specifically “incarcerated” under watch. That is, as it were part of a powerful mobile operating system in a wristwatch. More precisely – a well-defined part, Google Now. Thus, high-tech wristwatch gained a new mission: to become a mobile assistant. Not “crutches” for “spades”, which in fact represent only not quite convenient replacement fast connection with a tiny screen, namely that constant companion, tells you how to properly and live comfortably.

recently optimized for Android tablets.

Now it’s time to optimize it for smart watches

In this case, it is meant that the binding wirelessly with a smartphone based on Android (which is natural), watches receive traffic information, scheduling meetings, suggest a route, reminiscent of something – in general, behave as a personal secretary, do not bring the coffee. Rumors say that probably we will Moto 360 and compatibility with the iPhone 5S and iPad Air. But it is not yet confirmed.

Android Wear, of course, not KitKat. It is regarded as a separate operating system with its SDK, which will soon promise to extend to everyone.

main user interaction with the clock by using swipe and voice interface. It last paid the most attention: for example, clock wake of the team «OK, Google», as well as Google Now on the “big” smartphone, or tapas in the letter g – and ready to take you to the desired request to recruit and sending SMS or request about planning your route.

Motorola Moto 360

Interface also looks like a regular column notifications Google Now. They scroll from top to bottom, each line has an icon and a minimum of text, and to display additional information needed to make a swipe to the left on notice: after that it fills the screen. In the foreground is the notification text box, drawing an explanatory – in the background, and application developers can add more buttons there to work with the functions of the application or to open the application itself, and duplicate them in voice commands. If notifications from one application is too much, they are grouped into a block with the notification of the number of messages.

special focus on the need to do another” smart “clock function; as notifications can be too much, OS creators made it so that vibrate or ring will be the most important of them: for example, a reminder in your calendar or messages from friends. The rest is piling up in silence and allow to deal with them somehow.

Announced compatibility with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.3 or later version: under this definition fall all flagships, and not quite new devices that receive regular updates.

New specifications

So far, only two manufacturers submitted their portable gadgets on this new OS is LG’s G Watch and Motorola (which was recently purchased by Google, more precisely, its mobile division) with Moto 360. And if the product LG is not anything special, and in general it looks like all the other smart watches, released last year, the Motorola product deserves close attention.

Outset of specifications: for them today very little is known, all based hearsay varying degrees of reliability and terse comments of developers. But it is clear that there will be attended by a variety of Bluetooth (fourth version – confirmed) and NFC, microphone, high-resolution display … OLED, by the way. Using OLED-matrix least justified by the fact that the clocks have in principle a very small battery capacity and efficiency of this type of matrix is ??only a plus.

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