Monday, June 2, 2014

Today released Android 4.4.3 – Hi-Tech News

Google has decided to entice a bit of attention from WWDC on yourself and today is going to release update Android 4.4.3. Build number of the operating system is KTU72B, released a few hours later in the United States and will be available smartphones Google Nexus 5 operator T-Mobile. What new features will appear in the update is not reported, but it is written that it fixed some bugs and enhanced security.
According to Android Police in Android 4.4.3 Corrected bug causing frequent breaks Internet connection, random restarts, and solved the problem with the camera, Bluetooth, application shortcuts and debugging mode.
Rumors that Google is preparing an update of Android 4.4.3, have been around for several months, initially speculated that it will be released in May. In addition to 5 Nexus Android 4.4.3 will be updated accurately Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4. We also know that Motorola is preparing to release a new flagship smartphone, which was originally installed a new version of Android.

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