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Tools month. Top Android-App May – BBC News

In May

Vesti.Haytek continued to follow the news and updates on Google Play. In this review: nimble translator with 45 languages; intellectual “sniffer” to find anything; program that reads people’s secrets; applications communicating scores on urban services in Moscow, and more.


meditate, relax or just fall asleep to relaxing music without advertising will Doze app for Android. One tap of the program allows access to endless audio stream is a mixture of the sounds of the surrounding nature (birds chirping, rain, etc.) and music.

An application minimalist interface, simple settings which allow you to start or stop playback, and move from the current track to the next or previous one. In addition, it is convenient to use the “Sleep Timer” which defines your relaxation time. This timer can not include, and if he still needed, “make” it for 30 minutes, one or two hours.

Tapnuv icon playback, you first hear a random song from the” cloud “library, which, as the authors Doze, constantly updated. One has only to remember the rates for mobile data traffic, if you are not within range of a network of free Wi-Fi.

Although the application is completely free, the authors gratefully received donation, which at today’s exchange rate of 68 rubles 13 kopecks.

required version of Android and the size of the application depends on your device. Doze for Android can be downloaded from Google Play.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

In Google Play appeared separate mobile applications for word processing (Google Documents) and spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets). Previously, they were integrated into Google Drive service.

Using these applications easy to create new and edit existing files. For example, to save the trouble of finding, after the opening of the program will show the most recently edited files. In addition, the application provides users collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, as well as commenting system. At the same time, both programs can function without an Internet connection.

Recall that Google Drive offline viewing to be available only to specially prepared files. Now no need to install new applications, change existing documents will not succeed.

The company also announced the release of a separate application for creating presentations (Google Slides), which will appear later. In the meantime, Google Play you can free download Google Documents (here) and Google Spreadsheets (here). For the two programs requires Android 4.0 or later.

Inapp Translator

Slender interpreters

ranks in Google Play replenished convenient translator Inapp Translator, which allows you to instantly translate text without leaving the application. This is much faster than just copy the text, paste it into another program or with Google Translate tab in the browser, then re-copy the translated fragment switch and paste it into your application.

After installing Inapp Translator for Android-smartphone display a button is located in the form of the letter T, which “floats “top of all content. To translate, just click on it once, after copying the desired text to the clipboard.

Inapp Translator supports 45 languages. The default language for the translation is automatically determined, but it can be set manually. Implemented compatibility with any application that supports clipboard operations.

program is available for devices running Android 2.2 and more recent versions. Inapp Translator is a free download from Google Play.

Search Now

on Android-smartphones released intelligent search engine Search Now. This “sniffer” can find everything: contacts, music, videos, events, calendar, browsing history in Chrome and even the system settings. Thanks to the integrated browser application is looking for not only the contents of the device, but also on the Internet.

Search Now looking on the web by Google,” Yandex “, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Baidu and Naver – preferred system, you can specify the settings. Cards supported at Google, Video YouTube and store Google Play. In addition, as you type Search Now trying to guess what the user wants to find and gives hints. Also provided an option for even more convenient and quick search.

To install the program you will need a smartphone with Android version not below 2.3. Search Now you can free download from Google Play.


After the success of the iPhone app users Secret, allowing anonymously share their secrets, appeared in Google Play. Previously the application was available only to U.S. residents, but now can tell their stories and people from other countries.

Secret When registering a user enters their phone number and email address, after which it can see all the” secrets “that divided people from his contact book, but not can know exactly who wrote what. If using Secret friends a person is too small, it can read and anonymous secrets casual users. The result is an analogue of Public “Overheard” only interactive.

In fact, Secret is an independent social network where you can “laykat” separate publications, see which stories like friends and post their secrets so to attract more attention to them.

Secret distributed free in Google Play. To install the application need not lower version of Android 4.1.


creators geolocation service Foursquare Swarm released a standalone application to find nearby friends and “markers” in cafes, restaurants, cinemas and other places.

‘s intention to split its services into two parts Foursquare team reported in his blog . It was, in particular, announced that the application is intended solely for the Swarm “Chekini”, and the main client (released later in the summer) – for reviews, recommendations, and search around places with a high rating.

Thus, all the location-based functions are now collected in Foursquare Swarm. Users can “mark” in schools and tell their friends about where they are. By innovations include the ability to find the next person with similar interests and to send him a message. In addition to online dating, and there was a long-awaited feature to search the entire history of “Chekini.” What is missing in the game mechanics Swarm, please click here.

required for installation device based on Android 2.3.3 or later. Swarm can free download in Google Play.


continuous growth of mobile threats is not to ignore the protection of users’ personal data. Appendix viaProtect, created in the company ViaForensics, a comprehensive approach to information security. With his help, for example, it is easy to know who your smartphone communicates how safe such a relationship and why.

Working in the background, viaProtect monitors all Internet connections operated by running and installed programs on your mobile device, as well as real-time monitors their work, alerting the user of possible problems. The main attention is paid to the possibility of leakage of personal data.

On assurance developers, viaProtect using the same technology network monitoring and statistical analysis as in corporate decisions. So, with the help of this application users will learn how to safely store their data on the device, where and how reliable they are sent, as well as actions that are a potential threat. In particular, viaProtect can provide a list of organizations with which you communicate, countries with which the shared data, and the amount of encrypted traffic.

applications published until the status of Public Preview, easy to install on any mobile device Android version 4.0 or later. At the same time, viaProtect distributed through Google Play absolutely free.

“active citizen”

' src=

Moscow Mayor’s Office has released a mobile application “active citizen”, which allows owners of Android-devices to equip life in the city, participating in the weekly polls.

would be subject to a vote questions on various topics – from transport and Improvement areas to health and education. Significant place in the game component of the application is given. Completing surveys users get points. To 1000 points, they are assigned the status of “active citizen” and opens access to the store bonuses, where you can exchange points for urban services.

When loading” active citizen “of Google Play with you will not take any money. The program supports all devices with Android 2.3.3 version and above.

Updates service Google

mobile application “Google Search” on Android-smartphone has enhanced support for voice commands, cast in Russian, and learn to “interactive” search. To “talk” to the device, you need to say out loud, “Okay, Google!” and start asking questions. In addition, Google Now mastered some controls device.

main innovation is a major upgrade to “Maps Google” the emergence of a full offline mode, you can save a map view to view without having to connect to the web. This option is particularly relevant while traveling or at the poor quality of communication. In addition, the update brought with it a more useful features.

Overview Andrew Borzenko prepared with the participation of Oleg and Svyatoslav Ilyuhina Leontief

Such reviews applications come with us on a monthly basis. With this link you can see the best Android-applications in April.

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