Monday, June 16, 2014

Without ensemble: overview android-smartphone ASUS Padfone E –

ASUS Padfone E ( T008)

4.7 “, Super IPS, dot density 312 ppi

1280 x 720

Operating System
Android 4.3

Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.4GHz,
Cortex-A7, quad

Adreno 305, one core


Flash memory, GB

Support memory card
MicroSD up to 64

cameras, MP
Summary 13 (flash, autofocus),
Front 1.2

Batteries mAh

Dimensions (WxHxD) mm
69.7 x 139.6 x 9.1

Weight, g

Slots SIM, pcs. / Type
2, microSIM

Price, RR
from ~ 10 500

ratio features and prices – typical for this segment. Is that memory in our time could be “put” has more.

However, “bare” specification – it’s not all (and a vivid example – many Chinese smartphones). The main thing – as a gadget in the whole works. It today and check it out. Start the review ASUS Padfone E, as always, with the consideration of packaging and supplied with the unit.

Package and Accessories

ASUS Padfone E comes in a small box made of cardboard.

the obverse only the device itself, and side information and even less.

 243x450 29 KB. Big one: 810x1500 215 KB

Inside we, as usual, the first thing we see the unit itself.

Complete accessories are also at the bottom, under the divider.

With ASUS Padfone E supplied:

  • Charger;

  • Cable Micro-USB;

  • quick start guide and warranty card.

Also included should be a wired stereo headset, but in our case it was absent.

Appearance and design

ASUS Padfone E is represented in the bar form factor – candybar with a touchscreen.

smartphone make Dimensions 69.7 x 139.6 x 9.08 mm, weight – 126 g for 4.7-inch screen size (especially width) is not the most modest. But mass can be called adequate. Side of the frame around the display, there are five millimeters wider, could be thinner.

 450x309 16 KB. Big one: 1500x1032 124 KB

back cover is made of opaque plastic coated soft-touch. In his hand device practically non-slip, and with soiled he also okay. And this applies to the glass on the front panel: fingerprints that it is that the back cover does not collect too active, and they are easily removed. So oleophobic coating is present here, and even decent.

The handset is available in black and white versions. We tested was the first. In the light of the performance of the plastic frame around the display is made of silvery, in my opinion, it is somewhat “cheap” smartphone.

Display glass panel protects Corning Fit Glass. Unlike Gorilla Glass, it is less flexible and not as scratch-resistant, but is cheaper. However, provides the necessary protection.

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