Sunday, July 27, 2014

Add Material Design your Android –

 nexus 7 and android L

can hardly find a lot of people for whom the wait more pleasant possession, when it comes to the new version of Android. However, Android L is currently available only in the preliminary version, aimed to ensure that developers can advance to meet future changes OS from Google. Usually the user does not have to put her great sense, and it is available only for Nexus-devices. But, as you know, the forbidden fruit, so it is more desirable. And Android would not be himself if it were not allowed to accomplish what you want. Therefore, below you can find several applications that add to your smartphone Material Design elements and other «L-embellishment” that will help pass the wait autumn release the final version of the green robot.


We first glimpse phone for updates. For all owners of Android version 4.3 and higher on Google Play app available Heads Up! – Notifications, which will delight the user pop-up messages about these or other events, just like in «L». App low price, just $ 0.99.

If you are not lucky enough to get one on your smartphone update (at least until the Jelly Bean), is long overdue move to Cyanogenmod, there are built-in notification system – Settings Notification Bar balloon notifications – include.

Lock Screen

 Android L Locksreen Android L Locksreen Android L Locksreen

Another change in a future version of Android should be a lock screen. Widgets on it will have to sink into oblivion, and their place also take notice. In addition to the usual swipe to the left, causing the camera, added swipe right – opening the dialer application. Android L LockScreen is intended to provide us with this experience in advance.

Icons and Weather

 icons and absorption ode icons and weather , and

Once unlocked smartphone, will appear in front of us, as well as on the Home screen, usually located weather widget. That they are not distracting from the overall L-style application should install Android L Icons & Weather Skin.


Telephone, among other things, is also such a thing, which happens to call. If you believe that your application calls for is not worth it to stand out from the crowd, then there is the option to install applications ExDialer, replaces the standard dialer, as well as topics for him, repeating Material Design applications from Android L.


 Chrome Beta Chrome Beta Chrome Beta

Yet most of the time, according to statistics, the smartphone is used to access the Internet. Brauzit And, of course, also want beautiful. In this latest version will help Chrome Beta, has already received “material interface».


 Android L Keyboard

While surfing the internet you can not do without a keyboard. Unfortunately, the app Android L keybord removed from Google Play, but you can still find it on the well-known third-party sources. On the functions it repeats the keyboard from Google and differs only in appearance, repeating L-keyboard design.

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