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Every week (on Tuesdays), we talk about the most important, interesting and significant events that occurred with Android and Android-applications in the last seven days.
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Atlas Web Browser (free) – a new Android-browser, which is still in beta, but already vying for your attention. Most catches the eye interface – he, the assurances of developers, fully meets the guideline Material Design . Stylish, fashionable and, of course, youth. Full screen mode is very convenient switching tabs and settings, fast operation and economical use of RAM. Also, the browser can remember display settings for each site separately (it’s actually a premium feature, but in the beta it is available for free). Want to join the future of Android now, but are not ready to flash a ROM with a preview version Android L ? Atlas Web Browser help.



Madefire (free) – app store from a company that sells comics DC, IDW, Dark Horse and other distinguished publishers. On the iOS app was released a full two years ago – comics fans with Android-devaysami had to wait longer than usual. Well, the wait is over! Incidentally, Madefire is not only the usual comics – the company makes its own digital comics with audio and animation. Moreover – such comics can create any to then sell them through the application itself. Android-geeks urgently to download! The rest – on request.



Tynker (172 rubles) – app for kids (and parents, probably, too), which will teach your child the basics of programming and algorithmics. This C-code, you will not find here – Tynker offers to build a “program” (ie, a mini-game) using pre-engineered the algorithm. It turns sort of LEGO, but about serious things. If adapt himself, can make their own platformers or even quests! Unfortunately, the app is only available on tablets.



First Person Shooter « Modern Combat 5: Eclipse » (229 rubles) – another attempt sverhdorogimi Activision Gameloft become the world of mobile games. Colleague Cyril Tokarev game like , so that miss is strongly discouraged. Yes, it Call of Duty , but – our, mobile Call of Duty! Great graphics and sound, simple control and very bad online component to the four classes of characters. Minus one – require constant availability of an Internet connection.



Game Thomas Was Alone (197 rubles) – indie platformer with a very long history, deliberately minimalist graphics and amazing storyline. Meet this – Thomas. It is square and not very far from jumping. On his way through increasingly difficult levels he will meet some new friends and learn new things. Thomas Was Alone sold on PC and other platforms million copies and almost immediately after the release became an indie classic. Recommended to join, in short – a unique game yet. No built-in purchases; there are 20 additional levels with the main character named Benjamin, who on a PC sold as DLC.



Action « Batman: Arkham Chronicle » (for free) and finally got to Android (on iOS it was released in 2013 ). As is the case with Injustice: Gods Among Us , developers NetherRealm Studios made a spectacular fighter. Major role, of course, plays Batman. Superhero will win a few notable villains (among them: Dezstrouk, Firefly, Copperhead, and others), and the player has to help him violent and tapami swipe across the screen. The combat system is not that difficult, but fascinating, and fans man fetish bats will permanently occupy himself collecting his suits. In general, a hoarse shout and menacing its approval.



Game « the ninja Turtles! » (139 rubles) went almost to the premiere of the film of the same name (the next restart series) and offers players a try themselves in the role of one of four of the familiar turtles – Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. Convenient gesture control, fast combos, pumping skills, better weapons and armor are not very distinct visual style (seriously, so now look heroes of our childhood?). You can play in story mode, or in a separate test mode. Along with the strange appearance of the turtles we also scares the presence of in-game purchases – do so simply indecent, Nickelodeon!



Game « War jokes » (105 rubles) – a wonderful dynamic strategy (more precisely, the defense towers with action elements) from Cartoon Network, made based on the animated series «Normal cartoon» . Players must take control characters “cartoon” – Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle and Skipsom Maine – and win their park, which somehow got control of the villain Gina. Four types of levels (by season), four intimidating boss and a variety of unique special moves. And yes – no micropayments.





BETA Google-mobile browser Chrome has received an update, in which many design elements were changed in accordance with the requirements of the guideline and Material Design . Show and tell is difficult – you need to download and watch yourself (good, no problems with it – neither registered nor any expectations invitations). Also, developers have simplified entry procedure account and fixed many bugs. It should be noted, however, that some design changes you will not notice if you do not use on your devayse preview version Android L .



In one of the main superhero mobile games can now battle each other in online battles. Fans Injustice: Gods Among Us been waiting for this for almost a year and finally came. Along with multiplayer fighting game adds online ratings (because you need to motivate the players!) And the ability to view the recording of contractions. Not without new heroes – now you can wave their fists as Shazam, Catwoman (in costume from “Batman Returns”), Sinestro (Green Lantern in a suit), Harley Quinn (from Batman: The Animated Series), Nightwing (from The New 52), Arrows and Krypto Lex Luther.





Some users of the popular service Instagram have been sent an invitation to try a new application called Bolt (excuse me, but because in Google Play already have one application with the name Mark, what to do?). It is intended, according to the description, for a quick photo sharing (one tap – just like in Snapchat ). Unfortunately, the invitations have been sent in error – the link to download the application was broken. And at all – Facebook already has Slingshot , why the corporation is another similar service? We, frankly, puzzled.



In Google Play appear as a separate category for games in which are placed only those entertainment applications that do not require a permanent connection to the Internet. Great variety of different games (eg, fresh « Modern Combat 5: Eclipse » ) requires a connection to their servers mainly because of pirates, but suffer from this almost always only ordinary users. In general, if you are going to the country, where there is no connection whatsoever, or simply do not approve of such DRM-practice – always go to the new section, there is a lot of good. However, it should be noted that here and across games that require activation or a single network or a regular license check. Well, it’s still better than having to be permanently online!



In Google Play soon (to be precise – in September) will play from Dreamgate Studios called Light in the Dark . Externally, it looks strange mixing of “Indiana Jones” and Cut The Rope , but inside is quite ordinary physical puzzle game with some interesting elements like mechanic tied to the different colors of heroes. This first studio project, but among its developers appear industry veterans who previously worked on hits like AAA- BioShock , X-Com and Fallout – should pay attention.





In Google Play appeared beta potentially great application Duolingo Test Center .


Voice Assistant Google Now beat Siri . How? Why? Check possible here .


game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land . It will be a zombie.


Experts Mail.Ru Group overall mobile gaming market in Russia and came to the conclusion that he increased 9 times .


Billionth Transaction YouTube and Twitch confirmed – the main game video broadcasting service is now in the hands of Google.



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