Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Windows Phone users often go to Android – Mobiltelefon.Ru

often before buying a new smartphone, a user faced with the question – to stay on the same platform, or try something else? The developers try to attract the attention of potential customers. But how successful these campaigns? British retailer mobiles.co.uk surveyed 2300 users and find out how many of them attracted competitive system. Thus, 25% of users prefer Windows Phone in choosing your next smartphone gadget on Android and only 7% chose iOS. The majority preferred to stay in their “native” platform – 58%.

Stability users of Android and iOS is on a higher level – 81% of users of each of them are not used to radically change anything in their tastes. At the same time, “Yabloko” chose Android in 16% of cases, but only every tenth user operating system from Google iOS preferred when choosing a new smartphone. By the way, the greatest increase in Android and Windows Phone users have made defunct Symbian (51% and 21% respectively), but on iOS often go with experience of “dialogue” with BlackBerry OS (34%). Recall, the first rank takes mobile OS Android, followed by iOS, which is trying to undermine the position of Windows Phone.

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