Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Android L will be named Lemon Meringue Pie – 3DNews

As you know, all the code names of the important versions of the Android operating system are subject not only to the rule of the alphabet, but it also means different names sweets. The current version is named KitKat, and the next code name, as already announced Google, will begin with the letter L. There is growing evidence that a better name would be so – LMP.

LMP may mean nothing, as Lemon Meringue Pie. So, let’s look briefly at the evidence, which may indicate that in the next few months, many fans of the Android platform will try the lemon cake covered with meringue. Current builds Android L for the Nexus tablet Nexus 5 and July 2013 called lmp-preview-release. Also in one of the documents relating to the Wi-Fi certification for the upcoming tablet HTC Volantis, the firmware is listed under the code name LMP.

Another key evidence of the code name is that the repository Android Open Source Project with the search query «LMP» already issued nine results, one of which is an abbreviation LMP straight title.

All this is quite eloquently about what the next sweetness may just be a lemon meringue pie in. However, at the last moment Google can still replay: original platform Android 4.4 in documents held as Key Lime Pie (cake with lime and condensed milk), but at the time of start-up company has entered into a partnership agreement with Nestle and OS was named KitKat.

However, the name – is not important. Much more important than the mass of the innovations of the new platform. It is expected that the operating system will offer not only a brand new “real” interface, but also the execution environment ART, Energy Optimization Project Volta, multi-user environment on smartphones and more.



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