Sunday, August 10, 2014

Android-segment television set-top boxes is of interest to NVIDIA –

the reported quarterly conference NVIDIA – this is exactly the case when the “spring day feeds a year.” It is necessary to be the founder of the company at the microphone as his emotional speech and information packed produce such amount of material for the news that it lasts for a few days. It would be silly to complain about it, especially since no one is better not to talk about the company’s plans than its founder and leader of the constant.

Unfortunately, at the last event on Friday Jensen Huang about future products uttered only once, and not in the context of the expected number of new graphics cards gaming class. Quite unexpectedly, he hinted that this fall will be released a few new “wave” of products on the platform Android TV , and some of them can adopt products NVIDIA. One can only assume that we are talking about set-top boxes based on the processor Tegra, which can not only enjoy the interactive TV and watch videos, but also to run advanced applications and games on the TV screen.

processors Tegra, according to Jensen Juan, targeted for use in mobile devices, entertainment systems, cars, gaming devices and set-top boxes. The company is ready to help any partners who believe that NVIDIA products will help them to create an outstanding product. For example, the Chinese company Xiaomi processor-based Tegra K1 your tablet computer Mi Pad.


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