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iOS and Android – the only mobile platforms, which showed growth in the second quarter of 2014 – World Apple in one site

96,4% of the smartphone market occupied by devices that are running operating systems iOS or Android . These data are presented by analyst firm IDC (International Data Corporation), for the most recent quarter.  iOS and Android - the only mobile platforms, which showed growth in the second quarter of 2014 The most interesting thing is that both platforms are still gaining momentum and compete only with each other, ruthlessly continuing to squeeze out all the other market.

In other words, there is a negative trend at all who is not related to the Google , while Apple is also in the area of risk. Results for the second quarter it was this year – an increase in sales iOS-devices was 11.7%, while a year ago failed to reach 13%. In global terms, all bad, iPhone sold 12.7% more than last year, but to levels Google kupertinovtsy still far away. Unequivocal success, the platform Android showed quarterly growth at 84.7% versus 79.6% in 2013-th and the total increase in deliveries by 33.3% or 255.4 million. Smartphones.
iOS and Android - the only mobile platforms showed growth in the second quarter of 2014 Why Apple for all successes can not catch up with our colleagues? Perhaps the answer lies in the second report, IDC, which implies – most iOS-gadgets belong to the category of devices with a price tag above $ 400. Android-gadgets fall into the section “$ 200 or less” and therefore Google easier to sell a million or two vehicles, while earning quite a decent amount. Interestingly, in Microsoft , though adopted this tactic, success could not achieve.
 iOS and Android - the only mobile platforms, which showed growth in the second quarter of 2014 Green (unit cost less than $ 200) in the appropriate column on the chart, even more than the Android , but sales growth in the second quarter of 2014th only 2.5%. Worse than a year ago, when it was 3.1%, but the total annual figure is even sadder, -9.4%, sold almost a million fewer smartphones. On the other hand, if anyone need to think about the soap and rope, so it’s brand management BlackBerry . Final “growth” was -78%, and involuntarily thought, and how they have managed to implement the required 1.5 million. Devices?

About all other exotic mobile platforms, and you can not mention, though in the sum over the number of sales they have surpassed Canadians. Analysts at IDC also examined overall market statistics and concluded that, compared with 2013-th there is a great positive trend with an impressive figure of 25.3%. However, their methods of calculation are often criticized because predictions often do not coincide with the actual performance, and very noticeable.

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