Wednesday, August 20, 2014

iPhone 6 – not a hindrance leadership Android –

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Many believe Android-phones ridiculous fellow Apple iPhone. However, this view is increasingly rare, because together with the popularity of Android-devaysa to come and respect. Premium smartphones are playing a lesser role in the market, which means that no rumors and news about the upcoming upgrade in the line of the iPhone is not able to shake the opponents position inaccessible to Android. Will increasing the size of the iPhone screen 6 convince Android users look to this phone?

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As the resource Inquisitr referring to AFP, a new report from IDC shows that phones running Android are sold even better than expected. Compared with last year sales growth of smartphones based on the mobile operating system from search giant Google is 33%.

It is also reported that during the period from March to June 2014 the market has delivered more than 255 million of these devices. This allowed Google Inc. to cover 84 per cent share of the market for mobile operating system for smartphones.

The market situation is changing rapidly. If yesterday was a smart handheld device almost elitist, but now it’s just a phone, which most people do not have the slightest desire to overpay. After all, in addition to those users who follow the news and discuss the numerous advantages of the flagships in the world a lot of people who do not expect too much of your phone. If only a few years ago, users of smartphones becoming the majority of people are technically literate, or at least an interest in electronics and want to learn to deal with it, but today the average smart phone user is an ordinary person. These people have no interest in the internal device number, and all variety of applications. They need a phone only to call with it.

Yes, they are happy to take advantage of the new opportunities that provide them with smart phones. Maybe they will sometimes visit with your phone websites, watch the weather forecast and use e-mail. It is possible that they will attract the attention of a couple of simple games. But no more than that. Incredible resolution phone screen does not interest them. The more likely they just do not know what it is. If your eyes comfortable, normal user that is enough. Premium camera features also do not attract their attention. But the price will play a crucial role, and that it will put an end to the question of which phone to choose.

If you choose a “smart” phone for the price, then the solution is obvious – a device based on Android. Not only that, based on this platform is offered a lot of low-cost smartphones, it is the most common and, with high probability, a normal user will have to ask someone how to use a particular feature of the new phone.

Now the web only everyone talks about the upcoming iPhone 6. Conversations, a lot, but in fact the share of Apple accounts for only 11% of the market. Google takes quantity. Meanwhile, Apple does not want its operating system will come on devices from other manufacturers. iOS is intended only for devices most kupertinovskoy company. But the Android-based phone produces a multitude of manufacturers. The most famous among them – LG, Samsung and HTC.

More good news for Google from analysts – smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. Only in the last quarter of the market of “smart” phones increased by 25%. And the main benefit of this increase accounted for by Android. Neither Apple, nor Microsoft, nor the Blackberry can not take advantage of opportunities to the same extent as the search giant.

The only reason why the operating system is Google so popular is that the Android-smartphone stand on average for less than the price of the future probable iPhone 6.

Resource Engadget points out an interesting fact – most of the new Android-based phone users to cost less than $ 200. And even less, if the device is purchased in conjunction with the signing of a contract with the service provider. It is a relatively low price allows the mobile operating system Google feel good in the emerging markets.

In China and India, the demand for Android-based phone is increasing. Meanwhile, interest in the more expensive Apple products is reduced. Thus, Google has achieved dominance in the OS market for mobile phones. And it’s hard to imagine who could make this platform a serious competition.

Is the price of the main reason for the leadership in the market of Android smartphone operating systems? What alternatives are there in wanting to get a budget “umnofonom”? Can Apple do anything to oppose the dominance of Android?


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