Sunday, August 31, 2014

The September announcement of the geography of Android-HTC hours will be limited to a few regions –

According to some sources, HTC is required to submit its “smart clock” until the end of the year, because if the IFA 2014 more you can skip the reluctance of “lost in the crowd”, then late for the Christmas sales season is like death. On the resource upleaks , which is his “home” chose Twitter, appeared More information about the features of the debut of “smart clock” HTC.

The source claims that the clock on the platform HTC Android Wear will be presented in September this year, but the area of ​​sales initially limited to the following regions: North America, Europe, Middle East and countries in Africa, Japan, Brazil, South Korea and Taiwan. By the way, according to the classification of some manufacturers to “Euro-African” region includes and CIS countries, so we can not exclude the emergence of new products and in Russia. Anyway, since this apparently solid company wormed Brazil with its growing economy, then Russia might be a place.

It is also interesting that the source called novelty “HTC CWZ”. Most likely, this is some internal designation, as other sources have repeatedly mentioned “smart watches” this manufacturer under the brand HTC One Wear. By the way, in spite of fashion trends, they can retain a rectangular shape, a characteristic of many devices in the electronics, worn on the wrist.


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