Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Android for developing – BBC

Google Inc. unveiled the first smartphone in India ultrabudgetary platform Android One, aimed at emerging markets. If successful, the new platform by the end of the year the corporation plans to cover almost all the markets of South Asia. Experts believe that the Android One will allow Google to compete with the Chinese, who also develop the expansion in this direction.

American Google Inc. on Monday unveiled the first smartphone platform ultrabudgetary Android One, which was originally aimed at the markets developing countries.

Presentation of the new operating system was held in India, where the market received the first devices running on this platform. While participants in the program were local manufacturers of smartphones Micromax, Spice and Karbonn, specializing in the production of low-cost devices for the local consumer. However, Google representatives claim that a substantive interest in the program also made known such big players in the market of mobile devices, such as HTC, Alcatel, Lenovo, Asus and Acer.

According to Google, users of the new line of devices with a minimum unit price would have access to the latest version of Android to the quickest possible upgrade platform.

Price of new smartphones will be 6399 rupees, which is approximately equal to $ 105.

If successful Android One in India Google the end of 2014 plans to begin selling the cheap devices in Indonesia, Philippines and other countries in South Asia. In 2015, the company plans to cover more emerging markets.

In the past few years, Google has repeatedly reported on the intention to enter the emerging markets with the new budget platform for mobile devices. Finally in June 2014 Vice President Sundar Pichai of the conference I / O announced ultrabudgetary phones on the platform Android, the cost of which will not exceed $ 100 As an example, Pichai previously introduced new smartphone from the Indian Micromax, who subsequently became one of the first members of the program.

Pichai also noted that India was deliberately chosen as the first country to launch of the new platform. Despite the fact that today the country has the second largest market after China mobile, unlike China smartphone owners here are only 10% of the population.

In addition, China traditionally strong local manufacturers of devices on a modified Android, which would have amounted to a serious competitor Android One.

According to some Western analysts, Google is trying to oust the Indian market once blockbuster push phones Nokia, replacing them with smartphones in the same price segment.

«Most manufacturers will support the release of the smartphone on a new platform Android One, because the reputation of Google gives them confidence in the success of the project. In addition, the idea of ​​entering the emerging markets itself very promising, as the demand for cheap smartphones will be enormous and the platform will be in demand, “- said” “senior analyst iKS Consulting Maxim Savvatin.
Nevertheless it is worth noting that in the Indian market is already represented about 80 smartphones. Analysts believe that in order to compete with devices Samsung, Motorola and Google Xiaomi new smartphones in addition to the affordable price should also have advanced functionality and powerful technical content.

However, Savvatin believes that most of the presented in the Indian market are smartphones at a more expensive price range and production of budget gadgets still attract a large number of customers, both in India and in the further expansion into the markets of developing countries. “The competition will be particularly acute confrontation with Chinese manufacturers, but it all depends on the specific marketing ploys companies. In this regard, Google’s decision to attract local brands looks very reasonable, “- said the expert.

On his decision to expand its presence in emerging markets announced and Microsoft.

In the next year, the company plans to release a family of phones on the Microsoft First platform Symbian 30+, the price of which will be less than $ 40 (2400 rupees). In addition, an attempt will be made to reduce the cost of existing smart phones and their applications, services, and features are gradually finding a place on the equipment expensive. Given that the Nokia Lumia 530 now on sale for $ 115 (Rs 6650), Microsoft Outlook look very promising.

However Savvatin not inclined to believe that the company will fully compete with Google in the emerging markets. “Microsoft has a much less chance because for them it is also a new business, which is currently only being developed now. A few years ago, Nokia is rightly considered one of the leading budget phones, but today the company manufactures products in different price ranges, and also passes through the stage of reorganization in connection with the purchase of its assets Microsoft », – summed up the expert.


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