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IFA 2014: Smart Android-printers presented Samsung –

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Many believe printers stretching back a relic of a bygone era. Paper media is becoming less popular. Company Samsung, which recently unveiled its long-awaited special fablet Note 4, decided to improve the reputation of the printers presenting in Berlin on a grand show IFA 2014 tech printing devices running Android. Why such a good company, which is the South Korean tehnogigant, need to improve “devoid of future technology»?

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This lost among the bright new phones and tablets cheap announcement drew attention resource BetaNews. The new line of printers is unique in that is running the most common in the world and, therefore, familiar to hundreds of millions of users, the mobile operating system Android.

In the recent past, when drives were small, and the screens are not pleased wealth colors and high resolution, the printer was probably the most important computer peripherals. Since then, much has changed. Modern displays provide excellent detail, and people are accustomed to the electronic media so that they prefer it to paper.

There are new, a few years ago seems to be fantastic opportunities. Any text and any image can be viewed from the tablet. All this together makes printers less relevant devices than ever before. Nevertheless, the demand for them is still preserved.

Another thing is that the main disadvantage of the printer is its tight binding to the source device data, computer, tablet or smartphone. Samsung has decided to correct this deficiency printers, making them self-sufficient.

Multifunction Printers Smart MultiXpress are the first devices of this category based on Android. This makes them less dependent on the computer and allows more flexible use in the office.

Each printer has a fairly large 10.1-inch screen, allowing users to print from a variety of sources, including web browsers and e-mail. This would not be surprising if it were not for the fact that the media does not need to connect the printer to a computer or server. It looks as if the printer is large enough integrated tablet device familiar to most office workers.

It is designed primarily for office use. First smart printers appear on the European market. Neither the date of commencement of sales, or about the prices during the presentation of the question.

Today Tech News reduced mainly to mobile devices, even the processors, which are huge segment of the market. Some attention is paid to the smart clock that did not become widespread, but serves some hope.

& # x41F; & # x440; & # x438; & # x43D; & # x442; & # x435; & # x440; & # x44B; Smart MultiXpress

Printers same devices are considered “yesterday”, not worthy of detailed coverage in the pages of technology blogs. True if this view? Do printers future outside historical museums? After how many years or decades, the paper carrier completely replaceable?


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