Saturday, September 6, 2014

IFA 2014: “smart” TV on Android at booth Philips – 3DNews

Philips has brought to Berlin’s IFA 2014 The latest “smart” TVs and audio equipment. The exhibits have learned correspondents 3DNews, are now in Germany.

feature “smart” TV Philips panels is that they operate under the operating system Android. Thanks to this open access to the huge database of a wide variety of applications and games from the store Google Play.

In the line of “smart” TVs Philips, in particular, became the world’s first Android-curved panel. We present a model format Ultra HD 4K with support for stereoscopic images and proprietary external illumination.

Among the present on display audio headphones, designed with the needs of professional DJs, portable wireless speaker system with Bluetooth and NFC, as well as original stationary audio .



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