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IFA 2014: TP Vision will create mood lighting rooms of 4K-Android-TV Philips –

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In Berlin, an exhibition IFA 2014 and electronics manufacturers never cease to amaze the audience with their new products. Company TP Vision, owned by Philips and Hong Kong-based TPV Technology, has introduced two 4K-TV-based operating system Android. Altogether there are three TVs: Philips 7900 (baseline), Philips 8900 (mid-level) and the Philips 9100 (premium).

 Philips 9100

All three models feature a screen resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels (4K or Ultra HD). They support 3D-TV. Prices are not yet known, except for the 55-inch model 9109, which will cost 2,500 euros and, as reported by CNET, in September, will be in the Russian and European markets.

4K-resolution has become quite massive for the television industry . It, in itself, is not surprising. But the operating system Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on the TV and not a smartphone or tablet, does not occur very often.

Smart TVs allow you to put them on the application, as well as phones, empowering them far beyond traditional video viewing. Smart TV allows its user to get acquainted on the big screen with weather forecasts, playing games and social networking. But the most interesting feature of these devices is to support their streaming video services.

Philips TVs are certified by the search giant Google. This means that they are designed to support the Android-TV applications from the store Google Play. This category of mobile programs is small compared to the incredible array of applications for smartphones and tablets, which are the two main groups of devices running Android. But the company TP Vision hopes that the Android-TV will become more widespread.

 Philips 8900

Software new Philips TV already includes applications YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix and Dropbox. Of pre-service Google – text and voice search, the ability to purchase in Google Play video and music content and a web browser Chrome.


Another exciting feature is the new products Philips Ambilight. On the back of the TV are LEDs that create illumination wall behind the TV. It is noteworthy that uses the illumination color, which is currently broadcasting screen. It creates a mood in the room, or the corresponding transfer film from the screen. LED backlight in 7900 – two-sided, in 8900 – three-way, and in 9100 – a four-sided.

Today, the technology is in its infancy. In the future, say in TP Vision, will be a version with a relaxed focus of the current image, and not just its color scheme, as it is today.

Philips 9100 will be available in 55-inch and 65-inch versions, 8900 – only 55-inch, and 7900 – 49-inch.

In addition, presented two less expensive flat-4K-screen, 8800 and 9800.

In this pleasant surprises from Philips not over. It also provided a device for streaming UHD 880, which will be sold in the first quarter of 2015 for 249 euros. It is compatible with TVs Philips, issued in 2013 and 2014 and allow to decode video encoded codec HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265. He is the successor to the widely used codec H.264 / AVC. HEVC at the same bandwidth allows the streaming video content of higher quality, which makes a real 4K-video stream. UHD 880 will be running Android L, base their decisions on the basis of which the developers will not be easy.

I wonder what new buyers Philips TV series 8000 and 9000 UHD 880 prefix will be issued free of charge. The functions of this device are a kind of hardware patch as HEVC codec support is not implemented in televisions themselves. The fact is that the current development of the codec has not been completed.

And in your opinion, is the best one if the Android operating system for smart TV?


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